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    An interesting story of Red Ribbon

    [This story is the joint winner of the first prize for the story contest]

    Where is red ribbon?
    Where is red ribbon?
    Everybody was shouting there was so hustle-bustle, ladies in there colorful sarees and men in their suits running here and there having big badges tied on their uniforms.
    I thought I was so special since everybody was shouting and asking about me and also I was placed inside a different box which was vividly decorated, from the day I was bought from the factory I was placed in a different box a unique one, and all my friends from factory (place where I opened my eyes for the first time after becoming a colored ribbon from just being a fabric, a place where I was reborn), were plugged in the big walls for decoration of this hall where all this hustle-bustle was going on.
    I saw blue ribbon tied on the ceiling of the hall around chandelier, orange and yellow on the side walls with flowers.
    I was excited and nervous at the same time thinking about my future, I knew I was special but I wasn't aware of the purpose for which I was here, the purpose for which I was kept segregated from my friends. So the moment came for I was waiting with so much enthusiasm, a lady came near me and tied me at the front door of this hall. And that hustle- bustle started all over again I heard someone saying the minister has arrived and inauguration of this sports complex will start after ribbon-cutting ceremony.
    I was startled when I heard the word "ribbon-cutting", for this long I waited to be torn apart into pieces for a painful death but before I could consolidate my thought I was surrounded by crowd and cameras. And suddenly I felt my body was torn apart into two pieces, I thought I was dead but to my surprise I was alive despite being into two pieces I was alive. But I thought this is the end of my exciting journey all my friends are happy and together and here I am the ribbon with special purpose alone and in pieces.
    But this is not the end of surprises I was again placed in the same decorated box, and after 5-6 hours and a journey by bus I was taken to a place called museum inside which there were so many corridors, and I was placed in the last room. Where I saw so many other decorated glass boxes in which red ribbons were placed.
    In this museum also there was much crowd and public looking at everything, analyzing everything and reading names below them. I kept quiet and thought about my whole journey and what will happen next and this way whole day passed. As the night approached there was silence in the museum and doors from which I came were closed, suddenly I heard a voice it was another ribbon talking to me "hey so from which inauguration are you" I was surprised and I didn't know the answer but as I heard in the hall I said from sport complex. That ribbon replied I am from the "inauguration of this museum and there you see the most decorated box and ribbon inside he is from the era of before independence an inauguration that Britishers did" what I said as no other words came into my mouth because I was already so surprised with the whole journey I came through and now I am in the place where all old ribbons are placed.
    But this place is my home now and I know that everything present here is of historic importance and has one exciting story and journey to share, and I hear an interesting story every day and sometime share mine also.
    It is amazing world of this red ribbon.
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    The story of red ribbon was well conceived and written by the author and ultimately it has to reduced to the pieces and live alone is the gist of the story. Good try.
    K Mohan
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    The author made a good attempt in narrating the story of a red ribbon. It is really proud to be in the museum for the red ribbon as many visitors will come and enjoy the beauty of the ribbon and read the story of the ribbon. Good attempt, I feel.
    always confident

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    Nice one. Good attempt for making a lively and creative story of an ordinary ribbon. The placing of ribbon in the museum is interesting as well as amusing.

    The outstanding and traditional color for inaugurations is red and that has been well knitted in he short story by the author.

    Please keep on posting such nice piece of proses.

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    I find the story of red ribbon interesting. The story explores a totally new area. Definitely a very good attempt from the author.
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    Would you believe me if I told you this exactly was what I was going to write? I didn't write anything yet and I wanted to see what other's has written. Then I stumbled upon yours and I'm awestruck. You wrote it very well.
    I'm unsure if I could have done the same.
    Good job!

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