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Thread of the Week contest for the week 2nd July - 8th July'17 (Winner)
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    We are Indian. But do we really care about being Indian?

    Do you feel that Indians have no responsibility towards their country? Join in this thought-provoking discussion thread.

    No one forces anyone to mourn on the brutal death of a soldier nor one does so for the loss of the ICC champions trophy. Tears go down when we really care about something. But the irony is that the majority chooses to mourn for the loss of a match.

    Recently I read somewhere that while Bollywood is busy in making movies on life of cricketers, Hollywood made a movie on the life of the great Indian mathematician Ramanujan.

    There are several other examples which make me wonder that we live in India but do we really care about being Indian. Do we ever feel some responsibility towards our nation?

    Everyone remembers what 14th February is for but few would know what July is special for.

    Our constitution has given everyone enough freedom but shouldn't we ourselves consider giving our nation, its soldiers, law and order respect without being forced to do so ?
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    Great thread from the author. I too feel that Indians wont get the desired respect from the Indians. If we really want to value ourselves, then go to any foreign country and see how they respect us. One of my relative is staying in Canada for the past many years and now he liked the place and people so much that he does not want tor return to India and has taken the citizenship too there. What I mean to say here that some people are fed up of nepotism, favoritism and above all giving the lift to those who has recommendations and follows ups from the politicians and higher ups. For normal person this country wont recognize. When you are appearing for entrance exam. There the merit wont count. The religion, the caste play the major role. The intelligent and merit people are made to stand out and give way for the reserved categories.
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    A very good thread. It is true. Indians are selfish. They want their well being. They never care for the country.More so with the politicians. Their power comes before the country. In 1945 USA attacked Japan.Even today after 71 years even a single piece of any item made in USA can't be sold in Japan. But we Indians always go for China make as they are cheap. Indirectly we are encouraging the enemy by providing economical strength to China. This point no one cares.
    A person who was supporting our enemy country, will get lot of support if anything against happens to that person. But none will think of soldiers who are dying near the border for safe guarding our nation.
    A student in university dies by committing suicide, all major politicians will run there. But an innocent was murdered by a terrorist. No mourning for him. This is the Indian mentality and we always think we should be safe in our house even though the country is at stack. Who will save this nation

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    Yes, it's true that we Indians are not very concerned about our nation. We show the feeling of patriotism mostly when it makes us look cool in front of others. On days like Independence day, republic day, we purchase lots of flags and India related accessories but the next day these flags are lying on the road and people are walking all over them. When government asks us to pay taxes, we feel like we are being mugged. The traffic police has to force us to follow the rules which are for our own safety. There are many such examples.

    The feeling of patriotism is decreasing day by day in us. Still I feel that there is some sense of respect in all of us towards our nation. Everyone as individual should try to do his/her best for the well being of our nation. We should arise this small portion of respect towards our nation. If each one of us don't try to do something or the other for our country, it can't progress no matter how many schemes are launched. People should stop criticizing the government for everything and start thinking that what good have I done.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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