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    Should Aadhaar card be made as voter Id?

    Since our government at the center is taking measures to link our Aadhaar cards for almost all official purposes, do you feel it would be good if the government brings in a reform to say that Aadhaar cards will replace our Voter ID cards from the next elections? Will such a move help in the conduct of free and fair elections? Will it help in containing unfair practices like rigging etc during elections? What is your opinion? Join this discussion and speak out your mind.

    Nowadays, Aadhaar card is being linked to many other cards so as to eliminate corruption. But during elections, we see opposition parties alleging the Government for doing manipulations like rigging, tampering of Electronic Voting Machines, removal of names of opposition party loyalists, etc. Why don't opposition parties try to suggest the Government to make the Aadhaar card as Voter Id so that an 18+ person, whose biometric details match with the database, can only vote?
    The system of elections should allow those persons, whose Aadhaar address matches with the locality in which he is going to vote. So, in order to vote, it will be the responsibility of the citizen to change the address in his Aaadhar card if he moves to some other locality. Here, there will be no necessity of preparing electoral rolls by the Election Commission. What is your opinion on making Aadhaar card as Voter Id?
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    I feel it is a good idea. Instead of having a separate voter card making aadhaar as voter ID will eliminate rigging. But only thing is organizing so many centers and going there with aadhar card and voting after checking the bio metrics may take more time. So linking voter Id and Aadhaar card and in case of any doubt or objection checking the bio metrics may be a better option.
    One more way to avoid rigging is to start online voting with linking bio metrics system to on line voting.
    A voting site can be created. All voters can be given a ID and voter can have his password. That site will be available for a particular day to all the voters. They can login and vote and log off. Once voting is over the same person can't open the site again. Once for all the site is closed for that Id. I don't know whether it is possible but it is a wild thought came to my mind while reading this thread.

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    The government is promoting use of Aadhaar card with such vehement that even penal provisions are incorporated for not linking with Aadhaar card. The government is so sure that linking all credentials with aadhaar card is sure remedy to avoid and prevent duplication and fake identities or multiple identities. If so the context it is most needed is voters identity.
    So I fully agree that Aadhaar card be made as Id for voting.
    However the loopholes still existing in getting Aadhaar card should be plugged.It should be ensured that Aadhaar card is issued to only genuine citizen of this country. Only then Aadhaar will serve its desired purpose.

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    Good idea proposed by the author. By making Aadhaar as the voter card it can bring many benefits to the government and the card holders. First of all every citizen would come under the purview of Aadhaar usage when it made it compulsory to vote through it, Even Ambanis and Adhanis should come out and vote and that will bring cent percent vote turnouts at the booths. Secondly the largess which the government was to give can be transferred in the name of respective beneficiaries bank accounts so that cash distribution prior to the voting day can be avoided. But for the opposition parties which is standing against the ruling party candidates, they may not have the access to Aadhaar card numbers and thus the ruling party members in any state may win hands down. Let us see how the suggestion would be received and implemented.
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