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    A journey of a black ribbon

    [This story is the joint winner of the fourth prize for the story contest]

    While I was sitting at my neighbor's home, I heard a weeping sound of a black ribbon roll inside an open box beside me. When I interrogated the reason for weeping, the ribbon started to tell its life journey.

    Hi! I am a black ribbon. I was residing with a roll of red, orange, blue, white and green ribbons in a large box in a small shop. Yesterday afternoon, a man came to our shop and had a lengthy conversation with the shop-owner. We all heard their loud conversation sitting inside our box. It appeared like the man was one of the close friends of the shop-owner and he came to buy colorful ribbons to gift the small kids in an orphanage as a token of love on his wedding day. In the middle of their conversation, the man's cell phone rang and it was his wife. With the tone of his voice, we all guessed that he was in a hurry because his wife was waiting for him somewhere. The man started to choose the ribbons. Fortunately or unfortunately, the man opened our box and was happy with our colors. Out of all the ribbons in the box, the man loved orange and white ribbon rolls. But finally he decided to buy the entire box.

    My life journey with other colorful ribbons in the box started from there…

    The man placed the ribbon box inside the pouch present in front of the seat in his bike. Previously we all felt very bored at the shop. But when the man bought us from the shop-owner, I along with my ribbon friends felt very happy and we all started to enjoy the bike ride. We were so excited to see the kids at the orphanage. While we were discussing and thinking about our future, suddenly we heard a heavy sound.

    BANG…!! It was an accident. Yes! It was a major accident.

    I found the man lying on the road. Nearby him I saw a roll of his favorite orange and white ribbons wet in blood.

    I along with other ribbons was scattered on the road. No one come forward to lift us. Our thoughts and expectations on our future journey got shattered.

    After few hours, a police officer took us and handed us over to a woman who was crying. While giving us to that woman, he said "I'm sorry for your husband. These all are your husband's belongings which we found at that accident spot".

    After seeing the ribbon box, she started to cry louder. On listening to the woman's loud cry, I felt very sad. The woman opened the box and took all the ribbons from the box except me. Her husband's last wish was to give the ribbons to the kids at the orphanage. So she called her brother and informed him to give all the ribbons to the kids at the orphanage, except me.

    Why am I left alone? Why the woman didn't send me to the orphanage? I don't know why I am still inside the box, cried the black ribbon to me.

    While I was thinking about the reason for the black ribbon's stay at the funeral house, a young girl took the black ribbon from the box and started to cut that into pieces with tears in her eyes. I silently observed her actions. After cutting the ribbon into pieces, she started to distribute the pieces to everyone at the funeral house. She also came near me and gave a small piece of black ribbon and a pin to me. At that moment I found the reason for that black ribbon's stay at the house.

    Yes! Black ribbon is a symbol of mourning. The happy journey finally transformed into a sad journey for the black ribbon.

    Creative Writing Contest
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    Ms. Soundharya, I find this story really different. A totally new topic of mourning and black ribbon. I am impressed.

    Best wishes.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Wonderful! Excellent! You did a great job.
    But why give ribbons to orphans?
    The man could have given something more useful.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Black ribbon is the symbol of protest and symbol of mourning. The author made a wonderful expression from the shoes of black ribbon journey in life. Good content.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Mr. Partha, Mr. Aditya and Mr. Mohan for your valuable comments.

    Response to #602709:

    Mr. Aditya, I think power of giving is always greater than the joy of receiving. So what you give or how much you give doesn't matter, it all purely depends upon a person's wish and the financial status.

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    A good piece of creative writing with the story ending with a sad note. The color of ribbon was used to identify the mourners which is a nice idea to put in the narrative.

    The flow of story is well maintained and the attempt of author is praiseworthy.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Really a very good story with full attachment and emotions. I liked to read it.

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