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    Self Branding is necessary.

    Self branding or personal branding is a process adopted by many in today's world to market or promote themselves as individuals or for the betterment of their career. What is your idea about this? Do you think it is a positive approach to life and can bring in positive results or is it a result of the competition among us to establish oneself better than others? Join this discussion with your views.

    Self branding is good for us. Through self branding we focus on our positive qualities. These are essential for us. For self branding, one should focus on special qualities possessed by one. Net working is also necessary for this. We should help others in growing business and in growing net working. The people should know our qualities. We should draw attention of others towards these so that we are able to create an image.
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    Olden days people used to recognise the talent in others and accordingly they were rewarded. So those days talk less and work more was the concept. But the scenario is changed now. What you have done is not important. But how you are projecting yourself and how you are presenting yourself is taking the front seat. So how you appear in the world is very important. Self branding is becoming essential now. Even in an Organisation also a person who is minding his duty, calmly sits and completes his job go unnoticed. But a person who has done a little work but presented the same in power point presentation to his boss will get a better recognition. For self branding we should focus more on our positive qualities and try to present these qualities to all and try to have a bigger network so that many people notice you. That will give you fruits at least equal if not more fruits for your work.
    In the present day world self branding is essential.

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    We are in an age of advertisement. Nothing works without it. It is very difficult to establish a business without publicity. There are some big business houses who are spending more than 20% out of their total expenditures in advertisements. It looks unbelievable but is true. There are many online sites, search engines, forums, communities, groups etc which only thrive on the income from advertisements.

    So it is natural for people to also brand themselves in a befitting manner so that others know that they are there for some specific work and capable of doing certain tasks. If others know that you are a good singer than only they will call you otherwise some other singer who may not be as good as you will take your place. So branding is required not only for getting known but also for survival.

    Branding and networking are two things which have become crucial and prerequisite for individuals ability to get jobs or business opportunities.

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    The author has raised a very nice thread. In today's world, self branding is very important. If you want to thrive in this competitive world, you must possess the quality of presenting your skills to others. How often do we see that in life, an average student in studies is much more successful than the brilliant ones. The reason for this is nothing but self branding. If you have some skills and other people are not aware of them, they are not of much use. This can be seen every where. Companies provide jobs when you are able to express your strengths in a convincing manner. Even in politics, a person who is a good orator generally wins an election over the candidate who is not that good; it doesn't matter who is better qualified, one just have to tell the public about his/her achievements in a convincing tone.
    So if one can brands himself/herself well then his/her growth will be exceptionally well, whatever the field be.

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    Self branding is nothing but our attitude and our way of work and reaching the targets with our own planning without any body's help or push. In Marketing we can find this rare quality. If you send 10 marketing persons to the field and by the evening two or three would be successful and they get the orders even from those areas which are already tapped by the previous marketing persons and failed. What is the important here is the facial look, the pleasing personality and above all the ability to sell the product or service in convincing manner. I am totally against the marketing people coming and disturbing at the early hours or late in the evenings and even on holidays and Sundays. But the way they convince the things about the product, we are almost decided to buy but for the non liking of his timing and visit.
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