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    Why MLAs and MPs are allowed to do part time jobs.

    We all know that government employees are not supposed to do any other job or any other business during their tenure of service. Teachers can't work part time in another college. A collector can't work anywhere else on part time basis.
    But MPs and MLAs are allowed to earn by doing business or part time activities? Is it legal and do you think it is acceptable.
    In earlier days there are no high salaries to these MPs/MLAs. Now basket full of salary. Other free perks. Moreover pension. With all these facilities they are earning lot of money.

    I know MPs/MLAs doing real estate business, anchoring TV shows, acting in movies and producing movies. Bur nobody object or no law can stop them.
    Why these double standards.
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    A very relevant question from Dr. Rao. As per Constitution of India, MPs/MLAs/MLCs should not hold "Office of Profit". However, in earlier days, the legislators were allowed to work as Professor/Lecturer/Teacher. This was an exception, but they didn't/don't draw salary during their legislatorship.

    Actually, the term "Office of Profit" has not been defined in the Constitution. Taking the opportunity of this flaw, politicians have started misusing the provision causing many litigations. Many Members would remember that during nineties, there was a Court case against Ms. Sonia Gandhi as she had been holding a post in Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Her layers managed to convince the Court that that was an honorary post.

    Very recently, there was another Court case against NS Sidhu as he had been participating in a popular comedy show. In this case also, the lawyers manage to convince the Court.

    I feel that there is urgent need to define "Office of Profit".

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    What is mentioned in the comment above is true. An MP or MAL or such elected people's representatives are not allowed to work in an office of profit. Exceptions are there for those elected representatives of local self governments, Panchayaths, Municipalities, etc. Even there are certain restrictions. If any MP is making money from business or other sources it will not be in records. It will be in some other's name. One thing is certain that MPs are going on making money. That is why the number of crorepathy MPs is going on increase as per reports.
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