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    Is there oil in other planets?

    Oil. No one is sure how it was formed. There are count less theories. But two of them are the most prominent. One theory suggests that oil has always been here. The other theory suggests,as you all know,formation of oil by biomass decomposition.
    The second theory is more widely accepted, because we have been making oil from plants and animals from a long time. Sure, decomposition of organic matter under high pressures and temperature causes formation of crude and natural gas.
    The perfect example of life after death.

    When marine organisms,micro organisms, prehistoric animals, plant and vegetation matter decomposes under favourable conditions, oil must be formed right? But what about planets where there is no life. Saturn's moon, Titan has more oil than earth, though the size difference is very large.
    There are literally lakes and oceans in Titan filled with oil and natural gas.
    Looks like there's an eternal supply of gas, because methane escapes in atmosphere and being a greenhouse gas heats up the moon. This heat vaporize the oil and hydrocarbon clouds are formed.
    Hence, it rains oil in Titan. Well, there are huge traces of oil in Venus too.
    But guess what? There's never been life in Titan and Venus.(as of now we can assume). Then what must have decomposed to form oil there? Looks like theory one was right all along .
    Every planet must be inherently possessing oil.
    Then oil becomes a renewable energy right?
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    What I understand from my own thinking, that oil presence is surely be available and present beneath the river belt, ocean belt and other big water sources. But I fear any such big rivers present in other planets. And again we cannot say it with guarantee too. As the rain occurs for the earth, it must be applicable to other planets too. And there are chances of big water sources which are not aware by the human being. So many satellites are being sent. Why cant the NASA make a study on this. If oil is available even, the drilling and transporting the same would be million dollar question ?
    K Mohan
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    I don't think oil is available on any other planet. As far as my knowledge goes nothing such information was posted anywhere.many countries are doing many experiments and sending satellites to know about the other planets. We might have got the information if it is available. Air and water availability also not reported, as far as I know. May be some country will do some experiments to know about it.
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    What use if other planets have oil. Just think about the cost of transportation of oil from one planet to another planet. Just imagine a length of pipe connected from one planet to another planet to get the oil. Funny to think about the oil in other planets.
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    Universe is very big and beyond comprehension. There are uncountable galaxies containing stars, solar systems in it and scientific research is unfathoming the new secrets of universe day by day.

    It is believed that the solar systems are born out of condensation of gaseous masses and around a central hot gaseous star there are the planets surrounding it and orbiting it due to it's gravity.

    There are two main theories of origin of oil. First theory says that it was there since beginning when Earth was formed while the second theory advocates it's source from decomposed organic mass which was buried in Earth and pressurised under temperature with overburden.

    So following the first theory there will be many planets having born in similar condition as that of Earth and gone through same cooling cycle for solidification and oil may be there as it is here.

    If we believe in second theory then we have to look similarity in terms of distance of those planets from their sun's and temperature and atmosphere conditions there to induce a life form equivalent to Earth. The possibility is rare but seeing the massiveness of the universe can not be ignored. Anyway if so, identifying the prospective planet is another challenge for astronomical research centers.

    In nutshell it is possible but the distances and pinpointing them is a distant dream.

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    I think my point was misunderstood. I never proposed transportation of oil. All I wanted was to defy the most widely believed organic theory.
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    Dear Author,
    When we are not sure and not found out the lives living on the other planets, why to think about oil of those planets? Are we not breaking our heads unnecessarily in unuseful matters. We landed on the Moon. What we have gained?

    No life without Sun

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    Well probing is the part of life for progress. Now the earth is over stayed and over populated, there is a need for second planet residence look out and for that importance of presence of oil, air, water and other natural resources are important.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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