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    How do you feel if your social media post goes viral?

    Nowadays most of us use various social media platforms. We express our opinion on various issues-political, religious, sports, international affairs, computer or popular science. We also express our opinion on alternate history and geography. Social media provide the common educated man a platform to fearlessly express his/her opinion without thinking about the length of such response or the mindset/editorial policy of the editors of newspapers or periodicals.

    Now, how does a common man feel when his post becomes viral, i.e., becomes popular and is liked by fellow-netizens? Does it make the author of the post happy? Does it make him concerned? Or does such viral post make him more responsible and he becomes very careful before he posts his views on similar or different subjects in future? I mean to say whether such viral (popular) post makes the author more responsible, or not.

    I like to know the opinion of other Members in this regard.
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    Definitely it will a matter of concern for me if my post will get viral on internet. Being a netizens it is actually a social responsibility of all of us to post the things which will not harm the society. Hence if my viral post is making good impact on others then will certainly feel good about that however if post is creating any reverse effects on others then my responsibility will increase.

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    It will be good if our post in social media becomes famous. We will get noticed by many people and we will become popular. It is welcome. As a responsible netizen it is our duty that our posts should do good to people and will not give any negative effect. I feel proud if my post is doing good. Once my post becomes viral, my responsibility becomes higher and I should be more careful in further postings.
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    In social media like Facebook and Twitter I am very active and I am getting constant feed of best photographs from across globe which I share in social media. Surely such photos are rare and cannot be seen in India. It may be on nature, human expression, good proverb writing, moods of animals or some interesting social messages. When ever I share such images, lots of likes and comments would come instantly. What I insists that instead of liking, comment would be more interesting to read and gives more pep to share more. Nevertheless I am enjoying every bit of knowledge which flows like ocean in social media. One thing what I observed that when you have good friends in social media they either share good information or comment instantly on your sharing. Such bonding brings more interest to share.
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