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    Benefits of Sundakkai- Turkey berry.

    Sundakkai (asheta in Hindi, Kudanekayi in Kannada and Turkey berry in English) is very good one to our health since many decades. Many of us hate this to eat or take with our meals due to its bitterness and some without knowing its benefits. This plant is normally available in all houses of villages. The benefits of taking sundakkai are as follows:
    • If we take this in our food thrice in a week, we get rid of all worms in our stomach.
    • It cures ulcer and stomach pain due to sore in stomach
    • It strengthens the inside walls of our stomach
    • It enriches with Protein, calcium and Iron and so it took main role in our health improvement
    • It helps much in curing breathing problems also.
    • The raw sundakkai can be preserved by smashing into two bits, soaked in buttermilk and get dried in sunlight. The same can be used as and when required for making sambar.
    • It is useful in curing vertigo, vomiting and purifying blood.
    • It is good for kapha curing and is highly useful for the bronchitis patients
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    There are six types of tastes. A standard meal should have all these six tastes( Sweet, Salt, Sour, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent) The lunch served in Tamilnadu will contain all these six tastes. The bitter taste comes through the Sundakkai of the author. After the course of Dal and Sambhar, the next course would be Vathal Kuzhambu which has the Sundakkai(bitter) mix in it. Sundakkai can be taken in a fried form mixed with little salt to taste and avoid the bitterness. Also there is another item called 'Murukku vathal' which is bitter in taste, and served during the feast.
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    Yes. We call it Usthikai in Telugu. It will be bitter in taste. Very rarely in cities it is used. But in my childhood my mother and grandmother used make fry with this. Once it is fried and required quantity of salt and mirchi powder are added. The taste will be good. Now it is not so widely available. My grandfather used to advise to take this vegetable once in a while.
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    Yes I know the benefits of this great little green ball like vegetable which is rich in all quality health wise. Luckily we are having the plant of this which grows vast the given more output. In Telugu it is called Ushthikai. What we do is pluck all those Sundakai and put them in vessel added with butter milk and allow it soak for the night and then distill it in the morning and then make it to dry. Now after drying, it become blackish in color and the taste would be less bitter. This will act as the good ingredient for the Sundakai Vetha Kuzhambhu which is liked by elders and youngsters in the home.
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    Beside the bitter sundakkai there is another type also (seems very similar)which is not tastes bitter. This type of sundakkai we can make sambar or kootu which also yields same health benefit. But the bitter type can be used weekly once as vaththa kuzhambu as told by Mohan sir. This vaththal can be preserved for many days and can be used by frying in oil and mixing with plain rice with ghee. This type of rice our elders used to give the ladies after delivery for curing boils or soars in the stomach.

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    Here I want to add that with Sundakkai, the Vattha Kuzhambu prepared would stay for more days and the taste would be enhancing if we eat after one or two days as it becomes solid and tasty.
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