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    Whenever I am trying to submit the job posts its showing error occurred, please see.

    please see this link : - error occurred.

    Is this common or any problem is there?
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    respected editors and webmaster as you can see that when I was trying to submit the posts it was showing error occurred and telling me to go back and resubmit so I followed that I unknowingly submitted 15 similar job posts which I didn't knew that it was been submitted, and at last I got job posting limits, which I think is not right because when I was submitting it was not showing that it has been submitted so please remove this restriction.
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    Yes Babu Saroj, I too faced same problem today. When I have posted my first job post, it has shown the same error. Then I have checked in my job posts list, it has shown my job has been posted. So i posted another post, but it shown same error. But we can see the the job as posted in our job list. This means our jobs are getting posted but we are getting error. Without knowing this you have resubmitted the same job post 15 times and got restricted for today posts. I think there is some bug.

    Not only today, it happens to me very frequently from last month.

    I too request webmaster to fux this bug.


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    And when I came to know about this, it has been too late because I got restricted from job posting because of more than 5 job posts got rejected, and this happen unknowingly because as the message was saying go back and try to resubmit, I done the same and unknowingly I submitted 15 similar job posts, So I just want the editor to remove that restriction because it happened unknowingly and its was not my fault.
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    Did you got restricted from job posting permanantly or you got restricted only for today as you have posted 15 job posts?

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    Babu Saroj,

    Due to some technical issues, it is possible a member will get error messages from time to time. If it is a daily occurrence, it should be reported in the forum right away and the Webmasters will look into it. This thread has been reported to the Webmasters.

    The error message indeed does state "Please try to access the feature again by pressing the back button on the browser". However, this message is so that you can access the data you entered & not lose it. You should not re-submit it at all. Check first via the 'New Posts' whether it got posted or via the 'My posts' link in the section. It is highly likely that it did get submitted properly. Assuming you did not know this, at least after 2-3 re-submissions you could have stopped and posted a query in the forum about the error message instead of constantly using the back button. Please do try to think a bit instead of being hasty, especially when a section has a posting limit. Since the limits on posting is any automated feature, you will simply have to wait now till you are able to post again.

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    I know that it was my fault but at the same time it was technical fault too. So please unrestricte me or make that posts as pending so that I can edit them and correct.
    I have given so much time to this site, atleast forgive me for the first time.

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    Babu Saroj,

    Please understand - there is an automated system in place for job posting limits which cannot be changed just for one member.

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    Then how it will be unrestricted and how many days it will take. I will be happy if it gets unrestricted today because it was really techincal fault, madam please talk to the administration, so that I can submit my posts today.
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    It may be a restriction for the day not a permanent restriction.

    As the matter has been reported by ME to the Webmaster kindly wait till it is attended.

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    Yes yesterday evening and even before that I too faced the problem of error in posting. That means content has been taken as accepted but error occurred with no change in points adding. So once again I had to go for the edit option, delete the thread and re paste it so that the same thread appears again and then reload. This happened for quite some time and suddenly the the site failed to take the content at all. But I was having the other social media sites running side by side and then could gauge that something is wrong with the site and then I switched off the computer and left for sleep.
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    Yes, the problem continued for quite some time (3 hours or so). I thought that this was a problem in my computer only. Nnow I find that other Members also faced this problem.
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    There was a problem late evening yesterday which affected many sections as well as getting access itself to ISC. The Webmaster is working on it. Please be patient for the error message issues to be resolved.

    Babu Saroj - I do feel bad for you, but personally can do nothing really. Just to let you know - Based on the suggestion of one of our team (Editor Jeba) to find a solution to your problem since the multiple posts happened in your case the first time, I thought of requesting raising the posting limit just for one day so that all members can benefit and not be affected by the error messages. We will wait for the Webmaster's decision on this. He is currently not online.

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    I thought that I am banned for the day but today too I am not able to submit job post because it is showing that I am restricted. Please admin do something.
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    Babu Saroj,

    As I said, Tony Sir has been informed. Please wait till be comes online and responds here or let's us know & we can update you about this issue.

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    Okay ma'am and thank you so much for trying to help me out and sorry for the inconvenience that I am giving to you.
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    No inconvenience Babu Saroj, don't worry about it! It's our pleasure to help resolve issues.
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    Still waiting, please admin atleast reply.
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    Babu Saroj,

    The Webmasters are currently not available. I think you will need to wait till the restriction which was caused due to lot of deletion of duplicates gets automatically lifted and you are able to submit again.

    [Update (4p.m.) - I have sent an email again.]

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    I have removed your invalid posts from the database. Now, you should be able to post new job posts.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you so much respected Tony sir and Vandana ma`am, and all the respected members whoever had thought to help me.
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