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    Me, my sister and her lost ribbon.

    This incident took place in 1973. I was in my B.Sc. and my cousin sister was in her high school. Both of us were staying with our grandparents and doing the studies.
    Daily I used to commute from our village to the college by bus. The bus station is about 2 Km from our house. My sister's school was near to this bus stand. Daily while returning from college, after getting down from the bus I used to meet my sister and both of us used to walk together to the residence. While walking we were collecting the fruits on the road side dropped from the trees and eating.
    My sister used to comb her hair very nicely and makes it into two braids. Each braid will have a ribbon at the end. Both the ribbons were of one colour and type only. Sometimes she used to have only one braid with only one ribbon. She was having different types of ribbons with different colours and qualities. It was a fashion to have two braids with ribbons at the end those days.
    One day I got down from the bus and seen my sister waiting there for me. I asked her whether she can walk as fast as me. She said she walks faster than me. So we both decided to have a competition. If I win I have to take her to a movie in Kakinada. If she wins she will give me a pen as a gift.
    We two started our competition. She made a hectic effort but couldn't reach the house before. I reached almost 5 minutes before her. She has to give me a pen. That's Ok. But the story started there.
    She has gone inside and noticed that one of her ribbons was missing. It might have got slipped off on the way during walking. She had not noticed. She started weeping saying that it was a new ribbon and her mother will scold her if it was not traced. My grandmother told her that she will get a new one for her but of no use. Then my grandfather advised me to go on walk back to bus stand while searching for her ribbon. It was decided. No alternative. I started back. Walking, walking and walking. Almost I reached near the bus stand I noticed the ribbon lying on one side of the road. Nobody picked it up till then. Now I got it. But I had to walk triple the distance I walk daily. I know that my sister will be in tension there. I took my own time and slowly walked back to my house. My sister is eagerly waiting for me. I had not told her immediately that I got it. I kept her under suspense for some more time and finally I had given the ribbon to her. Her happiness was knew no bounds. Still I remember her feelings in her eyes on that day. This is the story of my sister's lost ribbon.

    This is my entry for TOW competition
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    From this story what I could understand that the bonding of brother and sister, for that matter even cousin does not matter and goes well and it always ends up with little miss understanding and stand off between the two. The author has rightly narrated the happenings on the way to home while returning from the school and all the nuances on the road are well written. It is the habit of little girls that they wont keep the track of their ribbon whether it is properly tied or not to the pleads and invariably they either miss them some where or they fall on the way. That makes urgent purchase ribbon while going to the school next day when the shop is not open and she would opt for the leave just for the reason of no ribbon available. That is the reason when we purchase ribbons for our children, we would have two or three sets.
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    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao,
    I liked your ribbon story of the seventies. It is a good simple story. But the contest is " Me.. a Ribbon". It should be a story narrated by a ribbon. A ribbon should tell its story. Dr. Rao should become a ribbon for this purpose. Yet there is time to alter your story. All the best.

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    Mr.Master Sun, I think it need not be I autobiography. This is what I read from the post of this contest. However I will see once again. However I am not much bothered whether they consider it or not. Last contest also my entry was not considered as suitcase is not a box. Anyhow thank you very much for your suggestion.
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    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao,
    Yes. You are right and I am wrong. No need to oblige me. Your entry will be accepted. All the best.

    No life without Sun

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