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    Happiness is a choice.

    No matter what people say, happiness is a choice. It's always a choice. I don't mean that you won't feel sad when bad things happen to you, but it's up to you whether to keep grieving about your sadness or to get over it and start living happily. There are many people who always seem sad; they talk like their life is a disaster and keep wallowing in their self pity. It seems like, these people like being sad. The first step towards being happy is to make a choice, " yes, I want to be happy". When you make this choice, you will automatically start seeing good things around you. If you make an effort, mind can be trained to always stay happy.

    If you feel sad very often without any reason, then get out of that hole of sadness, created by yourself and make this choice to be happy no matter what the circumstances are. Believe me, happiness is a choice.
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    It is a fact that the feeling of happiness and sadness are just the mental creation. One can be happy if he thinks so. Just doing something of ones interest makes one happy. One can select such a job. I don't mean a job for living. During free time engage in such a job. It may be reading a book or writing something or painting or anything depending on his interest. Definitely one can notice changes if this is followed.
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    I don't agree with what you said "happiness is a choice" but these lines does seems poetic and can definately motivate a person for few moments, but when reality creeps down all this motivation just vanishes.
    When life shows its real face all the bookish knowledge just gets vanished and in practical situation the people who have rote these lines from beginning tries to find ways of escape instead of fighting the situation. One can not judge other persons life till they themselves lived through the misery that person is living with.
    If happiness would have been a choice their would have no pain, for a rich kid born with a silver spoon a poor's pain and poverty may also seem like a choice which they themselves has choosen.But is that poverty a choice for a kid who is born in that enviornment.
    Its just the situations and conditions which makes a person happy or unhappy , that perasn doesen't choose this for himself.
    Happiness is not just putting on a fake smile, acting cheerful, and pretending everything is OK.
    A person mourning in the sorrow of a dead person and we tell these lines to him, will these lines make any sense to that person grieving over the death of loved one.
    Sometime its time and situation which makes this choice for us whether we are going to be happy or sad, no matter how much we want to live a happy life but our condition doesn't go in accordence to our choice.
    For eg- the person who decided a holiday in hillstation of uttrakhand in 2013 choosed happines, but died and some got permanently injured in the lanslides, does their choice payed them what they wanted.
    Its the situations which played with their choices. You can't judge a persons choice untill you have lived in the same situations as they are

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    Happiness is a choice. It doesn't mean that bad things won't happen to you. Life is unfair, of course something wrong will happen to everyone. There is pain in everyone's life. If someone is born poor, it's not his fault but if he keeps on mourning over his fate, then what good is it. One must accept the reality but then should work to get in a better situation.
    When someone close to you pass away, obviously you will feel pain. It is human tendency to get sad when something wrong happens to them. It doesn't mean one should stay sad for the rest of his life. Accept the reality and make a choice to stay happy. Get over it. Choosing happiness doesn't mean you are running or escaping from the situation, it's actually fighting it with an optimistic approach.

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    Yes. Happiness is a choice. It is the individual who selects.. Many people start always talking their past sorrows and talk about their thoughts about their tomorrow's problems. They never live in present. They never enjoy the life. Every human being will have problems in his life. But they cannot go on dwelling about those difficulties only. One should try to overcome the problems and enjoy the life.
    Happiness is nothing to do with the richness or poverty. A poor man will eat curd rice and sleep under the tree enjoying the beauty of moon and open air. He relaxes well andbe happy. A rich man will a take a peg of whisky and start thinking about tomorrow's business and start worrying about yesterday' loss.
    Happiness is a state of the mind. We can laugh loudly by hearing a joke and feel happy. Some one will be very happy with the new shirt he purchased. Another person may feel very bad at the same shirt. I always agree that happiness is your choice.

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    In this world every individual wants happiness. If you ask a person whether he is happy or not you will get varied answers. Someone will say that he is sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy while another person may tell that he is most of the times unhappy and then a third person may proudly proclaim that he is always happy. So happiness is something which everyone yearns for but few of us achieve it.

    Sometimes happiness is due to situation while other times it is a problem of mind set that people do not change or divert their mind from the unhappy state. If one is able to divert or ignore certain things he will achieve happiness and for such people we can say that for them happiness is by choice.

    So happiness is a choice for a blessed few and for others it is a changing thing with situation to situation.

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