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    IGNOU likely to launch a course on spiritualism from August 2017

    Indira Gandhi National Open University is likely to launch a course on spiritualism from August 2017.The inauguration for the course is likely to take place at Akshardham Research Centre that is on the premises of the temple in Delhi.
    The press release quote:
    "We look forward to teach today's generation the rich culture and values of India. We aim to bring into their notice that education is not only studying engineering, medical, commerce, philosophy etc., but its connotations are wide. Around 60,000 students per year undergo our examination but with no certification. Around 22,000 students are associated with us from USA, England and Africa with all our curriculum online."
    This course seems quite interesting.
    What is Spiritualism according to you?
    Is it a pure search for God or truth?
    How it relate to Religion?
    Or, is it a study of spirits? Spirits means Ghosts means a residue means vapor or energy stored? Physics students may be able to explain it in detail.
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    Wow that was the great move on the part of educationists to think of Introducing the Spirituality course from August this year and that will pave way for a great change in every student. It is the fact that some natural power within us and outside is guiding and making us to work for progress. It may be a super natural power, a ray of hope from God or some enlightenment on truth of life. Spiritualism is all about attaining eternity from the clutches of selfishness, cowardliness, nepotism, favoritism and above all recognizing the being human attitude. Those who learn the understanding of pain of others are the real spiritual leaders and for that you need not be a saint, muni or monk. When you have progressed to certain extent, give way for others to come in your groove and that is enough for the others to learn from you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A great news. Personally, I don't like IGNOU university. Way back in 2014,I took an admission for BPP and until now, I haven't passed the Term End Examination. They are either reluctant to follow up to review the assignment, and TEE exam result. Due to this, I felt like a big lie to my aunt who I feel like being dishonest with her.

    IGNOU is not recommended for students who genuinely want to pursue higher studies. This university has 0 ranking because of the employers. I wasted my three years with this university.

    Not recommended.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    It is really an interesting information that IGNOU is going to launch a course in spiritualism.

    Spiritualism is something above cast, creed and religion. It is the search for reality. One has to go up in terms of understanding of the world in a different perspective. Spiritualism helps in not only understanding the complexities of human mind but also creates a environment of peace and harmony.

    It immensely helps us to go away from materialism and be in resonance with nature and our inner self. A person stepping up in the ladder of spiritualism will have a divinity in himself and he will be slowly achieving peace and calmness in his life as well as the life of those who come in contact with him.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is good that IGNOU is introducing a course on Spiritualism for students by distance education. Really this is the need of the time. Actually spiritualism is knowing self. God is there every where . He is there in you also. We are all guided by a supernatural power. You may call this as GOD or something else. Spiritualism helps us to know about this supernatural power. It will be very useful to have contentment in our life. Once you achieve this contentment you will have peace and harmony in your life. You will never get attracted towards this earthly aspects and try to attain Moksha. This attitude will help you to inculcate the habit of helping others and achieve moksha that is not having another birth, which is the ultimate for the soul.

    If IGNOU is conducting the course for our youth definitely we will see lot of change in the attitude of the people and their behaviour also will get changed. But it should not be like getting a degree. One should understand the essence of the course and they should practice what was taught.

    always confident

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