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    Do you believe in propogation of religion and God are required?

    Whether it is Hinduism, Christianism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islamism or any other religion, is there any need of propaganda of their religion and their own God. Any God asked to propagate his image in people? People who have real respect in a religion or God will follow that with great faith. Why the people of different religion will try to influence the people of other religions to follow their religion and their God? By influencing what benefit they get through that ? Folks do you think this type of prpoganda is required to highlight their religions and Gods?
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    In fact no advertisement or propaganda is required for propagation of the religion or God. But some religious gurus from some religions are trying to drag some innocent people to their path by showing some financial benefits. Poverty of the people is giving scope for these changes. Once people start migrating from one to other the other religion gurus are also forced to do some propaganda.
    Especially in our country many people are living below poverty line in villages and they always see for financial stability for their lives. These people don't even not aware of the incentives and benefits the government is providing for their betterment. So they are getting attracted and changing their religions. In my opinion religion is path to reach the God. There are many routes. The specialty here is all routes are same. No need to change routes in between. But these religion gurus are spoiling the culture. In other countries there are some Organisations who are give some money for their places of worship for upliftment. This aid will get higher if you have more memberships. This money can be spent by those people who are called the Gurus. They need not give any account for the expenditure. The religion gurus will use this money for their personal benefits also. This is the root cause for this.

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    It is incorrect to propagate religion and instigate the feeling of religion. Only the minority religion who wish to become a major and popular religion involves in this corrupt practice. They spent their time and energy but no money from their own pocket. I don't recommend this. All the men created by God knows who is God, Why is God and how is God. No need to forecast - powerful......never fails.......etc

    To me, God is God who don't belong to any religion. But the pathway to reach him differs. That's all.

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    Every citizen has the right to follow a religion or faith and no one has the right to interfere in his religion or recommend any other religion. Propagating religion is the display of weakness by the particular religion people as the desperately trying as many people as possible to embrace another religion. If one religion is strong with fundamentals and principles why people would shun that religion and why they would embrace other religion. So by offering some cash or kind some organization are converting and propagating other religions in big way which may be successful.
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    I'm a staunch non-believer. I refuse to admit the idea of anything supernatural. And I don't think one needs a God to lead a pious life.
    I've been this way for as long as I can remember and I don't consider myself a sinner yet. I don't believe in anything or anyone.
    If you only exhibit morality and charity because you believe in God, is there even a use?
    Fear of God is being propagated than the love of God. Because nothing drives humans more than fear. I think you can be truly happy only when you get to do what you want to do.
    Being a puppet of religion isn't a life worth living. Only when you act according to your heart, your true nature surfaces.

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    A very simple question. We all admire the greatness of Asoka. Had he not propagated Buddhism after his changed attitude after Kalinga war, what would have been the cultural and architectural renaissance in India and other places? I doubt, there would not have been the influence of Buddhism in the country. Just I am trying to evaluate the situation with a simple example and it is not to belittle the religion which has brought transformation among many in the country and played a a vital role in the fight for our independence.

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    But what is the use of propagating Buddhism by Great Ashoka when the damage of so many lives lost has already been done. So the enlightenment came after the massive loss of lives.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we were in school, we were taught to speak the truth and be honest, and all those things. Are we supposed to stop that when in adult age?

    First let us look over the sources of information that we have available:
    Does the media tell the truth about what is happening around us and the world?
    Do the medico/pharma group tell us the truth about our bodies and healing?
    Does the economy of the nations tell the truth about the ground realities?
    Does the real estate group tell us the actual situation on what's happening?
    Do the world powers give honest reasons for destroying other smaller countries?
    Does the self-appointed sole authority on space validate their stories with proof?
    What is the first causality when a war breaks out?
    Do governments lie?
    Do the representatives of God show the real scriptural truth or do they promote 'religion' made up of their own traditions/policies/fear-mongering?
    Do the people who are in charge of the above (and many other departments) are they all doing their jobs uprightly, selflessly and in the right intentions and truth, without deceiving?

    Well, it is not surprising to find corruption at every place and position where there is a human being. Don't pretend it is not there. The media screams it out whenever an expendable public figure is smashed up, while the non-expendables still flourish. We get bombarded with falsities every day with the offers of loans that will give you 'freedom'. We are enticed by offers of prosperity and good health and everything good imaginable with all the advertising and also the tiny, hidden to a corner fine print disclaimers. We get pushed into taking medical tests of all sorts, so some entities can extract wealth from unnecessary and lifelong medications. Listen to political speeches before elections; you'll think you will move into la la land in the next few months.

    So what's wrong with putting out the truth so people make their choices after due diligence and then take up responsibility for their choices and actions? It will prevent a whole lot of victimizations and complaining and whining from many places.

    The Holy Scriptures do not lie, they tell the truth. Truth can hurt us, and others. But it is real and has a purpose in exposing our own wrong moves/choices, and teaches us to make the corrections to improve our lot in life and our interactions with our neighbors.

    When the world is flooded with massive deception and then also with deception at local levels, what is the antidote for that? Would you want people to fall and get trapped? What if your own loved ones are getting the fake advertisement deluding them into a sort of zombie/slavery situation? Don't parents get protective of their young children and teach them to do the right things?

    Why not bring God and Scriptures into the picture and teach people who do not know that there is someone who cares for them, who has so much trust in them, who gives them the freedom to choose to do good/evil/in-between? Why shouldn't one know that there is a true and real friend who can be trusted? Why shouldn't people know that there is a consequence for their unloving actions? Why should we let people be tricked into blaming their DNA or circumstance or lack of self-discipline or morals to live like wild animals when it is not so? Why not have the conviction to overcome the lies?

    By the way, when I talk about Jesus, it is not propaganda; it is rather a personal message to the reader as an individual. God doesn't usually make personal appearance to teach his way, he uses ordinary people like you and me. We become more relatable to reach others as from one ordinary person to another.

    Let's separate 'religion' from the Holy Scriptures. There is a huge difference. Once this is done, things look different from the previous perceptions. Don't need to worry about what belief system you follow, if you check out with the original written word, things will fall in place.

    The Hindu holy scriptures talk about Raghu and Ketu and perhaps a dark sun. This has more validity than the so-called-science version of sun, earth and moon in a straight line to form eclipses. It is documented several times that the sun and moon are both visible from the earth at the same time of an eclipse, and it destroys the 'propaganda' version of the accepted lie.

    The Bible talks about the flood of Noah and the same is found in many areas around the world. Creation is another one that stands against the 'theory' of evolution, which is promoted in a huge way to where many people accept it as real.

    Should I bring up the flat earth reality? It is provable by your own eyes, and yet there be those who don't want to open their eyes and see the massive cover-up going on.

    All our information about space is put out for our consumption by NASA which is a part of US military; the Google earth is run by US Navy and several CIA invested companies/projects. The US GPS is run by one of the defense companies. Some of these names even show up on the Google earth in the bottom centre of the screen. The Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. are all owned by each other, and all are subject to US govt. controls, and these networks know where you are, where you went, who you are, who your family/friends are, what your religious/political views are, and more recently the US govt. knows all your financial investments in stocks and mutual funds and others, even when you have no connection to USA. Do you really think they will tell anything that doesn't suit their agenda?

    Try the scriptures, they tell you the truth and the God who loves and cares for you unconditionally. Tell others who come across your paths in life. Of course we also need to use the brains so as to prevent religious arrogance creating problems. When you find peace, joy, contentment etc. from reading scriptures you'd naturally want to share it with others, and speak the truth in love.

    @ 602922, heard of this one - The greater the darkness, the brighter the light shines? Darkness can never put out the light; it can only be destroyed by light. Just like turning ON the switch, the light comes on, and darkness disappears.

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    Religion is a personal choice of a person but on some it is imposed by society and religious leaders. There are some people who are engaged in the business of propagation of their religion not for religion sake but due to some other vested interests.

    So some gullible people come under their influence and are trapped in an unending stream of apparently religious mischief. If a person is really religious he will be spenting his time in prayers and serving the poor and destitutes rather then provoking others to do harmful or terrorism acts against followers of other religions.

    In history also you will find many examples where in the name of religion genocide and barbaric activities were done on other religion groups.

    So propagation of religion is basically by the people who are motivated by selfish objectives and public follows them thinking that they are doing it as a Godly act.

    Knowledge is power.

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