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    What do you think about the process of education, exams and results in our education system?

    There are so many changes which need to be applied on education system. Different people have different opinion on this topic.
    Here is what I think.
    Won't that be interesting if classes were to be followed by exams which would exploit students ability to solve problems which haven't been solved yet rather than always solving same problems again and again. And about the results, I will say that instead of some integer values they could be some reward which students would actually need.
    My thought might seem awkward. But what do you think? Will that work in real life?
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    The education system in India is to be changed a lot. The present system is completely theory based and exam oriented system. An intelligent boy who is having lot of creative ideas but not able to present properly may fail in the exams. A person who don't know the subject but written well by mugging up will get a good mark. But in a real life the person who is able work with own hands will have an added advantage. A practical approach and usefulness for the society is more important.
    There should be a way to qualify. For that conducting exams and giving grades or marks or rewards may be ok. But before that the students should undergo some hands on projects concerned to their field of study either in industry or research laboratory or any Institute. That gives the student a better exposure to the work what he has to carry out and what is required for the industry. But this is lagging in the present system.
    If the direction deciders of the Government can sit together and work on this and bring in a new policy in our education system everybody will appreciate. Otherwise the problem of Organisations and Industry in getting suitable candidates for their progress will continue.

    always confident

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    This topic has been discussed many number of times and still we always discuss the same to suggest strong measures to the government. The government itself of the view that the present system of education is not Industry friendly or demanding. So a committee has be constituted to suggest in what way the Indian education can be reformed and that should help for those pursue education should get the job immediately. Let us what the new education policy would be after the said education committee would give the reports to the government for changes, amendments and corrections.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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