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    Do you believe in the saying that God is in everyone?

    So many times people tell a popular saying that God is present in everyone. It is ok with good people as they do some good deeds in needy times of others. But all the people are not like that in this world. But some people they never help others and they even try to harm others eventhough they are good to them. Then how can you study and apply the meaning of this saying. Is this saying is applicable only to good people only? If not in which sense we have to use?
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    We are the creations by the God. So every human soul belongs to Him. Hence we say that God resides in us. It is true. God rules us and plays with us by being with us.
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    Yes, all people are not the same and shouldn't be. The world thrives with differences among people with their own individual identities & personalities.

    It is also not that the saying applies only to good people. At some time in their lives, even supposedly bad people will have done good deeds. And how exactly does one define bad, the opposite of good? Somebody may steal but one cannot label the person as bad without understanding what led that person to steal. Somebody may have dark chapters in his/her book of life, but you cannot summarily bracket that person as being of bad character.

    The opposite applies too - on what basis does one judge somebody to be good or "Godly"? Unbeknown, the person may be faking goodness. Ultimately, everyone will have their own parameters for deciding this - good and bad of another person - from their own perception.

    I do strongly believe there is goodness in everyone. Even a battery cell has a + and a - . Be nice to them even when they do not reciprocate in the same manner. Why should you behave like them? Maintain your own dignity. In fact, it is quite possible that sooner or later, at some point of time, you are the one who will spark that good in the other person and light up their + side too. The "God" in them, meaning the good side, may then just emerge.

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    Yes when someone helps us timely and some one takes us from the clutches of problems and gives us the breather we surely say him as the God. What I feel that every one us are interlinked and being used by the God to help someone or the other. The network of God is so strong, he known who knows what and that will be addressed. Sometimes we will be thinking of a person, and suddenly he appears in front of us much to the delight of all. Like wise those who are good at us and has the good manners are surely God as they get in touch with us and address our needs without expecting back anything in return.
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    Yes. It is true. There is God in every one. But if you are presently in the world having God in your soul, it indicates you require still more good deeds to get moksha or no rebirth. No rebirth means your soul merged with god. When you are in this world your soul is having a ray of God with you. But you have your identity. But once there is no rebirth you have no identity. Your souls has merged with God. That is moksha.
    The God's representation will always be there in all. But the thinking of the individual goes towards earthly amenities and once you are not able fulfill your wishes, your instincts will never give respect to your soul. Your desires take an upper hand and there the bad man in you will come out.
    A person who is very satisfied will not worry for these things slowly his instincts will work towards Moksha and your soul takes a upper hand. You will do all good deeds.

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    This question is strictly related to ones belief. It depends on the belief that there exists God. There are millions of life forms on this universe. Man is only one among them. What about God's presence in the minds of other living beings ?
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    Here I want to add further more that the God is present in even living creatures, animals and birds , because they get the food without much effort and even help others getting food. Those help is the Godly sent figure.
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    God is there in all. Not only in living organisms. God is there in air. God is there in every place. Let us see the history of Prahalada, Hiranyakasipa asked his son where is your God. The reply is given by his son. Look Father don't have any doubt that god is here and not there. Where ever you search for him you will find him in all those places. Father asked me show your God In the pillar. God come out of the pillar. God is omnipresent
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    God is supposed to be everywhere and also the almighty in this universe. It is also believed that all creatures in this world are created by him. So God is present in every activity and every action of mankind.

    In some religion there is a concept of devil who resides in the hell and controls people's mind from there only poisoning them to do bad deeds.

    In our mythology also there were rakshasas (demons) who were troubling the general public and time to time God came in some form to protect the public from them and killed these bad elements.

    So there are some bad elements in the society and time to time they are corrected by God or godly people.

    So God is everywhere and it symbolises good. Bad things are also there symbolised by devil or rakshas. Whenever there is a disbalance God will correct it.

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    I think if we believe this then its good for us. Actually God is our believe and only your heart can feel about God. As per many views God may be or may not be but there is one power in the world who is controlling everything that we can also say its God.

    God have many definition but at the end of discussion its only Single God nothing else. If you will discuss in details then you will be confuse more at the end. So be simple for God and think its single .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Yes ,God isi is in everyone.His planning is amazing.He plans everything accordingly.Service to mankind is service to God.Mother Teressa saw God in Lepers and destitute and provided service.She became Goddess.Hate takes us towards end ,love towards creations.Love the community ,Give them support.God has given us everything,but he has expectation from us ,what do we do for his creations.To make Him happy ,we should help others.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Actually God is in everyone is a saying and it does not mean thst God is physically present inside every human. That way God is said to be present in every spec of this universe.

    Humans will behave with each other as per their virtues or evils. Even if someone says God is inside them is not going to change their relations with each other.

    This saying preaches us to respect each other and also nature because they are the handiwork of God and as very well said - God loves them who love themselves. So people having virtues and good feelings for others will be rewarded by God in one or other manner.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    For a worker, the factory owner is God as he is giving salary for winning his bread. Children are worshiping their parents as God as they are everything for them. Fans are considering the hero as their God. Party people considering their party leader as God. If this sequence goes like this we presume the person who offer wellness to us as God. Moreover we should think some power is activating us every morning since morning to night. Spiritually speaking every pulse in a living being as well plants etc., the God existing and such births are attained due to the karma of each atma. An atma only takes the body of human or plants etc., according to the karma. Human Birth is the highest one among such birth and death cycle which counts to eighty four lakhs. Spiritual lessons are teaching us not to curse or comment anything as every moment is decided already by God.
    We can simply see that when we cannot even create a fruit by our own why do not we believe the existence of God. This topic cannot make one simply to understand as it is wide topic and only by realization we can understand. A taste of jilebi cannot be explained by words but can be understood only by tasting or eating.

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