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    How attitude resolves problems

    How does attitude make a difference? Learn from this insightful thread about how one's attitude will decide how you face and resolve a situation or problem.

    We all have heard about the story of a half filled glass of water and how for two different person gave its two different interpretation. And yet they both were right in what they see, for one it was half empty for other it was half filled. Similar to that glass of water, everyone in this world is provided with certain set of problem which may differ a little, but what matters is it is a problem and it requires a solution. And in finding solution the most important thing is how we perceive those problem it's just like that glass of water i.e, if we see full side of glass rather than empty and in case of a problem if we see more positive side of problems we will be able to find a fast and efficient solution because of our positive attitude.

    Perception – This is what makes a simple solution efficient or inefficient. "Perception-it is the point of view with which we see and observe different things and situation" because of this perception for a same situation people has different reaction. A chapter taught in class is interpreted in a similar manner to the all student in a class room but it's the perception of a student to that interpretation of teachers which reflects in his/her answer sheet in class room. For those who perceived those chapters as boring and dull it gets reflected as it is in their answer sheet and for those who perceived it as interesting it is also get reflected in their answer sheets.
    If we can make our perception towards various situations positive and start looking at situations with a positive mindset than all our solution will be efficient in all type of problems whether its questions in class rooms or difficulties in life.

    He who says he can and he who says he can't are both right. After a positive perception comes, implementation of ideas in a positive manner i.e, attitude towards work. Finding solutions to difficulties in our life is not enough then their implementation with positive attitude is also necessary because finding solution is just a half way journey. And one believes in his action that he can perform well the positive attitude with confidence leads to implementation of a solution.

    Reading books alone on Problem solving doesn't bring ability to solve the problems. It is necessary to read books to gain the knowledge how one should solve a problem doesn't make you able to solve those problem in real life scenario, but it's your ability to have a positive mindset and attitude towards those problem that helps you to solve those problems. Piles of books and literature have been written on the concept of having a positive attitude and right mindset in perceiving situation. Even in the Geeta Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "A person who stands same i.e, calm and peaceful in extreme sorrow and too much joy is the real warrior and can fight any situation.

    It is not the situations which are difficult or easy; it is our reaction which make them so. That is, it is our reaction to situation which decides the complexity and difficulty of situation otherwise all problems is similar and just require a solution. So every time in a difficult situation before we react to them we should once think about our reaction to those situation.
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    This was posted in the articles section but is more appropriate for a discussion in the forum & hence has been shifted here even though it is a bit lengthy for a forum thread.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The attitude of the people those who are in power, can never let resolve the issue. No matter what, their ego which comes having power always run in their blood and brain. So, no matter what such people will only shout and misuse their power whenever you show them their mistake. Also, the same people keep the "honesty" somewhere while listening to a problem which include them.

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    A nice one to read. Attitude is one characteristic of a person which decides how he sees the world. When we meet a person and talk to him we get a brief of his attitude then and there.

    Attitude is sum total of our behaviour, thinking, gestures and how we look upon the fellow beings in general and look upon the life in particular. People can be distinguished based on their attitude. A person working in an organisation is known by his attitude.

    A positive attitude is essential in life not only for progress and prosperity but also tranquility of mind.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Nicely elaborated about attitude and problem resolving. We are all human beings. We will have to face different situations at different times in our life. Life without problem will not be there.
    For every problem there are many solutions. Which solution will comes to our mind at that particular moment will be the best one. But we can take this sentence correct only when you have a balanced mind and open thinking. Some people as soon as they come across a little problem they will become nervous. In such condition our brain can't work properly. Hence we may not get a proper answer. So without expecting any results first think what are the solutions available and try to choose the best one.
    Some people always see the negative side only and get worried. Some people look at the brighter part of the problem and try for clue from that. This is the positive attitude. Positive attitude helps the individual in getting a good solution.
    So always think positive and have positive attitude, that gives a better result.

    always confident

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    Unless and until one keep aside his or her attitude, nothing can come to discussing table and resolved. Normally those who are always in confronting mood, does not agree for early settlement against others and thus he want to continue the stand off further though the opposite person is ready to compromise and even for go some prestige, money or share for the sake of settlement. Thus some people with adamant type, they wont allow for any compromising formula and want to settle the dispute even at the courts no matter what ever amount is spent. So mutual understanding important for resolving any problems.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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