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    Hindi is the tongue friendly sweet language and even easy to learn, then why some shy away ?

    The protest against Hindi language is again gaining momentum in TN and now in Karnataka too especially in Bengaluru. When we have accepted Hindi as the national language, there is a compulsion on every body to learn this language. Moreover this language is very tongue friendly and also sweet language to converse and talk. It is also easy to learn Hindi. If a South person learns this language, he gets more advantage and survive anywhere in the country, likewise a North person cannot travel with free unless and until he knows the local language.
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    Who said Hindi is a tongue friendly language? It is like any other language of India. And who is shying away from learning this language? People should learn a language with their own will and wish. No one should be forced or compelled to learn a language.
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    Hindi is also like any language. In AP and Telangana the education is three language formula. So many people opt for Hindi as second language. In Hyderabad many people speak Hindi only.
    There is no question of not learning Hindi. All are learning. But the question of talking in a particular language will depend on the interest of the Individual and the necessity. If there is no necessity of speaking Hindi and if one can manage by their mother tongue, why one should be forced to talk in Hindi. I always prefer communication in my mother tongue if the other person understands that language.
    Many people learn other languages also if there is a necessity. Many Hindi belt people learn Telugu if they stay more years in Telugu speaking area. Same is the case with others also.
    I think there is no problem regarding Hindi. As and when necessity comes everybody will learn.

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    Not only Hindi no language is difficult to learn if interest in the mind. I know malayalam to speak and when I went to Ernakulam, wished to visit Chottanikara. But I met much difficulty to read the bus route board and then I decided to learn malayalam to read and write within my next visit. Immediately I started to learn. The problem of learning Hindi in Tamilnadu was because of hectic agitation against Hindi by political parties in the year 1964. Later only people realized the importance of Hindi and started to learn.

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    The contents brought out by the author of this thread may also be taken into consideration while discussing the core the core point of the thread.

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    Hindi, is not the National Language of India. It is only an official language along with English for use in communications with the Government of India. This was mentioned time and again but some of the learned members commit the mistake of stating that it is the National Language.

    In my opinion, the most beautiful languages with good literature are Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil, not necessarily in the order mentioned. These languages can also be learnt easily. They are sweet and they can be learnt easily.

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    Why shouldn't one learn to speak, read or write Hindi? When you are open to learning a foreign language like English and have no qualms about it, why be worried about Hindi which is our official language (not national language as suggested by the author) and is widely spoken across the country? It is we who speak of one nation, patriotism and all that sort of things who stand against use of Hindi. Why can't we be practical? It is quite natural for us to have a special liking for our mother-tongue but will restricting ourselves to our mother-tongue help us in anyway? Why should we see introduction of Hindi as an intrusion into our personal domain? Let us not turn our face against the fact that we can survive in any part of India if we know some Hindi. Can a Tamilian or a Keralite go to other parts of India without knowing either English or Hindi? If a divide is being tried to be created in the name of Hindi, let not the people from the South forget that they are hitting below their own belts!

    And about people from the Hindi speaking belt learning local languages, let me tell you that it is just a question of necessity and cannot be considered a must. We have so many immigrant laborers in Kerala these days who can speak only Hindi; but with the passage of time I have observed that they catch up Malayalam quite easily ( not comfortably) and at the same time, locals dealing with them, including contractors, colleagues and shop keepers, pick up sufficient Hindi to deal with them too.

    It would be better if we consider language as a means of communication rather than trying to give it a regional, cultural or emotional touch. Let us not forget that we are no longer confined to the boundaries of language!I agree that no one can or should be compelled to learn a particular language but why can't we do it just as we learn something to be part of this big world?

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    Why Hindi speaking people learn English if they can survive in any part of India with Hindi? Because they want to survive in this world. If any Indian can survive in this world, including India, with English then what is the necessity of learning Hindi? India is identified with "Unity in Diversity". Then what is the necessity of forcing "Unity in Unity". It is the necessity that should drive any person to learn any particular language, including Hindi. But he should not be forced to learn a language.

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    Hindi is our national language. It is sweet and easy to learn. One should try to learn it as it is in his own favour.

    All good things said about Hindi is all right but a person whose mother tongue is not Hindi this becomes an additional task. As we know people only accept an additional task when it is very very compelling. So it is natural that they will shy away until unless they see that it is beneficial to them or some other compulsion for learning it.

    Due to this psychology many people are still hesitant to learn Hindi.

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    @Mr Umesh
    In my response above and Mr Saji Ganesh response also it was made clear that Hindi is not the National language. Make it a habit to go through all the responses before offering your response. Our country is already diversified one by religion, region, caste and language. There is no point in trying to create a new problem regarding language. Maintaining the ststus quo is good for the country.

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    Hindi is a beautiful language,it is easy to learn.In this era it is necessary to learn English also.Most of books of Science and Computer are written in English.English is International language.Hindi speaking people should n't feel shy,Hindi is essence of our culture and traditions.We should keep our culture and traditions.Mr Atal Bihari Bajpai and Mr Narendra Modi have focused a lot on the importance of Hindi.
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    I strongly condemn the author who spread false information about TN and Tamils. No one is against Hindi in TN and people are against imposition of Hindi. Lots of difference are available between learning Hindi and imposing Hindi. Please understand this basic difference first before make any statement on this.

    South people should learn north Indian language Hindi to survive there, but north Indians won't learn southern languages to survive in South India and again south people should learn Hindi for the benefits of North Indians to survive in southern region. Don't you think this is contradict?

    South India is more prosperous than north India in terms of wealth, industrialization, employment generation, HDI and many more parameters. So without Hindi we can't survive in India is wrong understanding.

    I don't know who is behind to spread false propaganda on National Language. Hindi is also regional language just like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.


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