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    Father and son relationship is unexplained

    Father and son relationship, in many houses of the period of ten years ago, was very affectionate and friendly. But presently the situation is worse in many places as the fathers are deposited in 'Old Age Homes'. I read one story written by a Tamil writer Mr.Ja.Ra.Su (came in magazine in the year 2009) which runs as: A business magnet was on the plan of dismissing a staff for his lethargy but hesitated to do so because of that the staff was recommended by his (Business magnet)close friend. On the evening he met the fiend in a club and slowly explained his worry. The friend replied him that, 'I do not know his working nature and do not mind if you send him out. I recommended him only because of his activity in his house. I will narrate that the boy lost his mother on his birth itself and his father who was a retied station master who took entire care to brought up this boy. It was happened so, at the time of his retirement his father lost his both legs in an accident at the station. Without minding anything, this boy took entire care of his father whole day and night in the house. I saw his such activities in person in the house and value of him in my mind was so high by seeing his service to his father and so without minding his other side I recommended him.' On hearing his such information about the staff, the business magnet totally changed his mind as the service to a father is great thing than anything. (After reading this story my eyes shed with tears).
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    I wont agree with the author that all the sons are worst and they have lodged the father in the old age homes. Yes they may be difference of opinion between father and son on many matters and that may not lead to parting ways. In fact I have seen son taking extra care about a father who got paralyses and yet wont have any nagging problems between them and look after him very well. It all depends on how best the father behaves with the son and vice versa. What I believe that if father and son behaves like friends , then there wont be any issue. Yes there are stories of bad treatment of father by the son, but we cannot generalize.
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    The relationship with father to the son varies from age to age. When the son was a child he will have a fear for his father and he approaches mother only for all his needs. As child becomes teenage he thinks father is not supporting him and unnecessarily bothering him. As he enters into married life and becomes a father there will be a lot of change in his perception and he will get a soft corner towards his father and once he becomes grandfather he will appreciate his father for all his acts. 100% sons may not be like this but my opinion is many of them will be like this.
    These days sending money to parents and putting them in old age homes and paying the money is becoming more. But my opinion is money is not the factor here. The care you take towards your parents, handholding of parents at the time of need is the requirement of the day. But many are not able to fulfil this because of so many factors. But there will be a way out for this also. There should be an intention of holding their hand when required . Once it is there we can find many ways.

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    In the modern society we are forgetting some of the values of our culture and heritage. Some of us are not dutiful to our parents and it is an unfortunate trend.

    All the people are not bad to their parents. It is the individual who matters.

    In old times there was a concept of joint family and elder people were respected. With nuclear families coming up the trend is turning to a different direction.

    Whatever it is in old age of our father or mother we must consider their age and dependence on us and must serve them. We should remember that one day we will also be old.

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