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    Do you think selling Air India is the failure of government in its maintenance?

    Indian government has decided to sell Air India and privatize it completely. Recent analysis shows Air India is slowly recovering from its losses. But Indian government has decided to privatize it at this juncture. The main reason for its losses are mainly due to government policies. It allowed private Air Lines to run busy routes and the government is handling non-busy routes. 40,000 employees of Air India is opposing this move. Why Modi's government is not taking good initiative to improve the standards of Air India and take it to profit path. Why governments are thinking on selling anything which is under loss and privatize it? If every thing is getting privatized for seeing profits then what is use of elected governments? If everything goes into the hands of private people who will think about the welfare of people-government or private organizations?
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    No company or any organization with vast employees and fixed cost of maintenance on daily basis cannot survive or exist without some profit margin. And here Air India has been incurring losses and that is adding up to its woes. So the results are going to be on the expected lines. On the day when the government gave nod to private Airlines to compete with Air India in those days, from that day the count down has began for the Air India to get out of the race as the private airlines are courteous, good at service and quick to address the grievance if any. But Air India staff especially the ground staff and the flight attendants displayed the arrogance and ego with the passengers in past and that has badly affected its good image. So when there is no business and full occupancy not guaranteed , the aircraft cannot fly for loss. Therefore it is better to get rid of Air India and it should be sold.
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    The decision of privatisation of Air India is a welcome decision. The organisation is making losses. But revival attempts are not very serious and continue to make losses. The reason for this losses is not the Government policies. The top management of the Organisation is responsible for this. In fact Government tried to help the Organisation by ordering all government employees to travel by air india. But the big bosses of the company are not in the look out of reviving it. All airports are under Government and Air India is the government organisation. The top managers should sit and discuss. Take correct slots for their flights and see that the occupancy will be high. But they never do that. From Hyderabad to Delhi traffic by air will be high in the early morning. There are 3 or 4 flights at that time. Why air India can take a slot of 1st flight or 2nd flight. They will never do that. First two flights will be full always. Is it the responsibility of Government? If so what is the work of so called manager?
    Another point is many unexploited routes are there where will be good traffic available. Why air india is not thinking about it. All busy routes are given to private and less traffic routes are to air india. Why?
    The administration has to think radically and see that there will be a turn around.
    Many private players stopped providing free food for short distance travels. But this policy will not be implemented by air india because of reasons known to all of us.
    I think not Government but top managers has to think loyally to the organisation and make it profitable. Otherwise the Government decision will be a better solution.

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    Air India is the symbol of the coutry. Who can forget "Maharaja" symbol of this air line. The fault lies with the Government for the failure of Air India. Instead of selling this symbolic air line' the Government should have tried to save it by revamping the administration. The Aviation Minister Sri Raju is also for saving it.
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    Selling Air India is not failure by the Govt.It is an achievement.
    I don't think Govt will be able to privatize it
    Who will buy?
    It has an accumulated loss of Rs 50000 crores.
    Debt is 55000 crores.
    Currently running at Rs 30000 crores bailout package.
    Rouge employee unions. Rampant mismanagement.
    Even God can't save it.
    Sell it as scrap.

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