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    Afterall she was just a ribbon.

    [This entry exceeded the word limit.]

    A ribbon used to live in a decoration box along with her friends thermocol, glue, pencil, ruler and chart paper. She was very lively, always excited about life, flapping from one place to another. In the same box, there lived a scissor. He was always aloof, never talked to anyone. The ribbon always wanted to talk to him but her friends warned her that he is not a good guy, but there was something so intriguing about him that she couldn't resist the temptation to talk to him. She wanted to know why is he always quiet? What's his story? One fine morning, she decided that she will talk to him and went to him.
    Ribbon: Hi!
    Scissor turned around and was spellbound on seeing the ribbon. She was the most beautiful ribbon he had ever seen with red, shiny and silky threads knitted together perfectly. He quickly collected his thoughts and replied: Hey!
    Ribbon: How are you?
    Scissor: I am doing well.
    Ribbon (sarcastically): I am fine too. Thanks for asking.
    There was no reply from scissor.
    Ribbon: Why are you always so quiet?
    Scissor (Rudely): That's none of your business.
    Ribbon: Hey, don't be like that. If you don't want to tell, that's alright. We can talk about something else. Let me tell you a joke. Who is the king of this decoration box?
    There was no reaction from scissor.
    Ribbon: Ruler.
    Scissor couldn't resist and burst into laughter.
    Scissor: That's the lamest joke I have ever heard.
    Gradually, the scissor started bonding with the ribbon. They used to talk daily and had lots of fun. One day, ribbon went to scissor's place and saw that he was sitting there, lost in his own thoughts.
    Ribbon: Hey, how are you?
    Scissor: Go away.
    Ribbon: What happened? You can tell me anything.
    After a lot of consoling, the scissor said, " I can't talk to you because I like you."
    Ribbon: So what's the problem in that? I like you too.
    Scissor: That's the only problem. I can't make you understand.
    Ribbon: Try me.
    Scissor: I always end up hurting the ones I care about.
    Ribbon: It won't happen with me.

    The scissor finally started opening up to her. As they came to know more about each other, they started liking each other more and more and gradually fell in love.
    They were living together happily in the box till one disastrous day. The ribbon woke up and found herself tied between two poles. She was a bit afraid but then she saw scissor lying in a plate at a distance. She thought maybe they have been transferred from the box to some other place but what happened next shook her from the inside. A man took the scissor in his hand and divided her into two.

    Scissor was put back into the plate but she was lying there torn apart, both literally and metaphorically, with people walking all over her. With every dirty step, her shine vanished, her threads started tearing apart. She was no longer beautiful. After sometime, she was thrown into a dustbin where people were dumping their waste food. Then she was dumped into a landfill where there was nothing but garbage. Her life completely changed in a matter of few hours; she went from a state of pure bliss to desperate misery. She thought to herself, " Why God why? why did all this happen to me? I never did anything wrong to anyone; what was my fault?" Humans were the only fault in her stars. They cut her into half using her beloved scissor only, who was as helpless as her. She felt sorry for the scissor. She knew that the scissor won't be able to love again and will isolate himself from the decorative world. Such was the nature of ribbon, soft both from inside as well as outside. Even in so much discomfort to herself, she was thinking about the well being of scissor. She was extremely sad and grieved about it every single day. Gradually, she realised the harsh reality that she was not the free bird that she thought of herself; she had no control over her life. In this evil and unjust world of humans, she was just a ribbon.

    Entry for creative writing contest
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    Oh my God! It's so good. You put this seemingly simple story effectively. It's so romantic and tragic.
    And I liked one more thing. The dialogue writing was equally amazing.
    I guess you are going to win the contest.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Thanks man. It means a lot.
    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Really nice style of narrating story with nice dialogue delivery of characters, which made every non living thing so lively, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. And I hope this story to win a prize.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    An excellent romantic story of love between the ribbon and scissor. Sorry to read that the ribbon parted herself into two by the scissor and thrown out of the box. There should have been some event to get the ribbon in the hands of someone to live long. A story that deserves some prize to praise.
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    Ribbon in a decoration box and its way of living with other mates has been well narrated by the author and there is every scope for winning this contest. All the best.
    K Mohan
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    A well narrated story. A concept of friendship and love between scissors and ribbon is nice.
    But it is a wrong combination. That is why the more powerful scissors spoiled the life of the weak ribbon. We always choose friend in such a way that they strengthen us. But they should not make us to succumb to their evil acts.
    There is a saying in telugu. Either friendship or marriage the two parties should be equal. Then only it is a successful combination. Otherwise the end result will be disastrous. The story proved the same.
    The nature will not change. A man made friendship with a snake. Daily giving milk and taking care of it. But one fine morning the Snake bitten the man and left the house. Reason not known.
    So one should be careful in selecting the friends.

    always confident

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    Well conceived and well written story. Splendid job by the author. The flow and style of story are impressive. Though the end is sad but it was to be the logical end of the friendship between two entities which are poles apart but circumstances brought them together.

    Well done and best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thanks everyone for the appreciation.
    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    A very good and captivating story of a ribbon. The situation in which the ribbon got friendship with the scissors and the change in their life from a happy life to a sad and painful partition is really arising ones centements and moves one after reading this story.

    The writer has narrated the story in a lively and interesting manner.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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