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    A Ribbon that travelled to heaven

    Hi, I'm a gift ribbon. Like all of you know I'm quite glittery and capable of catching all of your attention. Hope I could draw your attention to listen to my story as well.

    I was being kept in a gift shop for sale, many costumers would come to buy me to decorate their gift boxes but on one day I was very surprised when Albert Einstein walked into our gift shop and bought me. Wow I was experiencing cloud nine, I couldn't believe that I'm in a great scientist's hand. He placed me in a box where I met lot of friends who were usually found in gift showrooms and carried us together to his lab. I wondered what would be the purpose of buying me and placing me in his lab. I'm very surprised to see many things that wouldn't be expected in a chemical lab. There were wide range of samples of what we find in this modern era.

    Albert Einstein then loaded us into a time machine and told us that we are going to time travel in to past through our space. When I asked him why he would like to take us into space, he answered me that people in this era are not believing in his theory of relativity, so I would like to go to the past and explain the people in that era about my theory of relativity and make sages from India to write this theory in their slokas so that I can come to this era again and prove my theory right supporting that it was described in Vedas too. Also, he wants to gift sages all the modern things like dynamos for electricity, tyres for travel, fans for comfort etc, which would make their life easy.

    We launched our travel from NASA space centre, and were travelling through space. We already crossed our galaxy and heading towards satya yuga, the first of all yugas. But when we are crossing kali yuga and reached the starting of Dwapar yuga, the capsule in which I was placed was decompressed and separated from the rest of time machine and fell into the start of treta yuga. All out friends fell apart from skies of treta yuga and I fell into the palace of king Dhasaratha. He found me and was so happy. He showed me to all his ministers and having not seen a kind of me in his all sixty six thousand years of his life, he considered me as a gift from God. When Lord Rama was born, he gifted me to him and tied a piece of me on top of his bow.

    Lord Rama liked me a lot. I watched him play and attending schooling with his brother Lakshmana where Vishwamitra was his teacher. I was accompanying him while he grew from a little child to a handsome muscular man. I watched him marrying a beautiful Sita and she too liked me a lot. They were living happily together but Rama had to leave kingdom along with this wife and brother to live in forest. Those forests were huge and I felt they had depleted much in modern era. Once Rama and I were chasing golden deer, Ravan kidnapped Sita and took her away to Lanka.

    I felt very pity about Rama's situation. He's crying and wandering forests to find Sita. He met hanuman and handed over me to him. I saw hanuman flying the ocean and reached Sita and showed me to her. Sita felt very happy on seeing me and felt that Rama himself came to see her. Sita got all her confidence to live and finally Rama came and fought with Ravan and we went back together to Ayodhya and I was gifted heaven on the eve of pattabishekam for accompanying Lord Rama all the way in his Life as his favourite ribbon.

    This is my entry to me, a ribboncontest.
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    I appreciate the authors good efforts put in to write an excellent Masala mixed story from Albert's chemical lab to Rama, Sita, Lakhshman and Hanuman.. It tastes very good.
    No life without Sun

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    By adding the famed persons like Albert Einstein and some characters from our epic the author made a different thinking and presented the topic in his own creative way. Good effort.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very well created story. Going back in to past and meeting the people of those days and enjoying the time with them is very nice. But when did it come out of time machine and explained us what happened. Did Rama send back the ribbon to our times to explain what happened there to it. May Be? I don't know.
    A very good attempt and creativity. Einstein thinking of Vedas and sages is a very nice imagination of the Author. Good going.

    always confident

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