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    Why Lokpal is not appointed so far by the NDA Government?

    The Jan Lokpal Bill came into existence due to the efforts of Civil Society. The agitation of " India Against Corruption" led by Anna Hazare gathered momentum and received overwhelming support from people of all walks in India. The UPA Government passed the bill and it received the assent of President of India on 1-1-2014. The bill came into force from 16-01-2014. The UPA Government could not appoint Lokpal at that time. The elections of 2014 saw Narendra Modi led NDA to come into power whose main election promise is to eliminate corruption in India. There is no effort from the NDA Government to appoint the Lokpal even after three years of coming to power. Now the Supreme Court gave a notice to the Government of India for immediate implementation and appointment of Lokpal. It was expected that appointment of Lokpal is a priority for the NDA Government as its main theme in 2014 elections is the eradication of corruption in India. The Government stand on political funding is also raising doubts about the intentions of the Government in this regard. What could be the reasons for delaying the appointment of Lokpal?
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    I don't see any specific reason for this. Probably they want to make the system more poolproof before appointing the Lokpal.
    We are all witnessing a clean and no corruption Governance from our PM Mr.Modi's team. No major scams has taken place or come to light from the day Mr.Modi taken over as PM. They are all striving for corruption free India.
    Most probably they may come out shortly and see that the system is in its place.
    I think we need not doubt the present government on its stand regarding political funding.

    always confident

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    In many editorials of news papers (Indian Express & Andhra Prabha) I found BJP which vehemently supported Lokpal bill but they are keeping a cold eye in nominating a Lokpal to avoid unnecessary problems like election funds etc. as mentioned by Mr. KVRR. Another remark on BJP is that they are overlookingreat Right to know information act by saying, the details are not to be given because it involves sensetive issues of the country. If there is no false intention
    in their mind why BJP are not nominating a Lokpal when everything is clear with the issue.

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    What I understand that Modi government wants to move in a cautious way on the issues pertaining to National Interest like Presidential election, Vice Presidential selection and also Lokpal. Once the election of Kovind as our next President sails through, a sigh of relief could be experienced by the NDA government and they can concentrate on Vice President selection and also Lokpal. Moreover right candidate for the post of Lokpal is also the issue. Modi government has sensed that for every issue, the Congress and other parties are putting blocks and thus they want to select a formidable candidate for Lokpal which may defeat Congress evil designs in future. So wait and watch attitude can be seen from the NDA . Presently the government and its machinery are fully concentrating on GST after effects which is yet to set right as common man is facing escalating cost.
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    The Lokpal bill came into force from 16-01-2014. The NDA Government came into power after the bill is passed. The BJP is a staunch supporter of the bill. The bill was discussed in both Houses of the Parliament and passed. How much more fool proof it needs to be made? I feel it is making fools of the people. The Lokpal is an independent body and there is a time limit to decide the case and this will hasten the process. Unless the Lokpal comes into force the corruption charges against politicians cannot be tried in a time frame.

    I cannot understand how the Presidential election has got to do anything with the appointment of Lokpal. It is ridiculous to say that the selection of right people to counter the designs of Congress and other parties is important. This implies sinister intentions. Lokpal is for all not for Congress or other parties.

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