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    Should we bother for stray or street animals?

    There are many animals who are stray and roaming on the streets here and there. People treat them roughly and feel that they are menace for the society.

    They are deprived of the home care and love which pets receive in their homes.The stray animals are on the mercy of some kindhearted persons in the neighborhood who sometimes give them food. They are helpless creatures suffering in the sun, cold and rain during the different seasons.

    Should we extend a helping hand to these stray animals? What is the opinion of the members on this.
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    Normally it is told that the animals like dogs etc., has only five senses where there is no senses of discrimination. I saw one day a man who came on the road through bicycle kicked a dog on the roadside for fun. But the dog by barking at him collects all stray dogs and run behind him. He with fear rushed his cycle fast. But the running dogs strayed on the passerby people and children and they with fear scattered on the road. Within a minute the entire road scene was in picture and many were gone to hospital with dog bite. Many people are working in one place and staying in a distance place and when they return from the work place in late night they first have the fear of such stray dogs. Recently I saw a video in facebook that a stray bully directly attacked a person who run in his bike. In Coimbatore the way leads to Velliankiri was expected with crossing of elephants on any time. So, the people traveling towards Velliankiri advised to take care of such elephants with cause.

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    Stray animals behave differently. All the stray dogs generally become a group on the road and go on barking on the people going by that road. Many people especially school going children get frightened and can't pass them. Near my house in our colony it is a big problem. All the dogs come and sleep under the vehicle parked near the house. They won't move out. If any new dog comes that side all the dogs of that street start barking and make the new dog to run away.
    Having a soft corner towards these stray dogs is not an issue. Sometimes feeding them with food is also ok. Even somebody tries to take care of a stray dog, it will not stay with him. It will try to go back and mingle with street dogs. One day a boy has taken a dog with him from the road and kept it in the house. He has given food also . But the dog barked and barked till it is allowed to go on to road.
    They are more of new sense.

    always confident

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    The street and stray animals are more intelligent as they choose a particular area in a colony and try to boss over the other dogs which wont enter their territory and thus they function like the dons where in they have their own area and get benefited through collections and mamools. What I have been watching it keenly that stray dogs or street animals know their local liker and would stand in front of those homes which guarantee them with food and water. In fact in font of my house two dogs would roam frequently for food and water and we would provide them. With the dogs always sitting in front of our house, the sales man, urchins, the beggars wont dare to come to my house and thus those two dogs would guard my house during the day and night. That is why we also share our residue food for those stray dogs.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I wouldn't advise that. Strays know how to make a living in the concrete jungle. They've been this way since we domesticated and abandoned them. Giving them food and other commodities make them come closer to humans and they lose their fear. If that happens, strays won't hesitate to obtain their food by force.
    Though it seems cruel, we must never try to domesticate strays.
    They can look after themselves.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Nowadays we have been bothering for all except our own. The stray dogs have become a menace in our locality. Their numbers are getting multiplied. Maneka Gandhi has stopped culling these animals. People are feeding them. Everywhere the condition is same. Last year, a erson was killed by stray dogs in Thiruvananthpuram.

    There is a shortage of anti-rabies injection all over the country. Under these circumstances, we Indians can''t afford to encourage population growth of stray dogs.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    In some localities stray dogs are really a menace and people are a bit fearful of them. On the contrary some places people feed them regularly from the residual food in their houses and dogs in turn take care in the night if any intruder tries to enter the premises.

    The problem of stray animals is a gigantic one and requires a big operation for their relocation to animal welfare farm or something like that. Another possible solution is sterlization which will make them ineffective for reproduction and that way their numbers can be controlled.

    Knowledge is power.

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