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    Why don't we learn from our friends and foes?

    The soldiers of the USA (friend of India) did not take the man from Kakul (Abbottabad) to Washington DC for handing him over to justice. They finished him. The President of our old friend Russia has said: "It is true that their Creator will judge them. But it is our duty to send them to their Creator". Our friend Israel changes the demography of Gaja strip and Ramallah and brings peace by ruthless action-often by hitting the dens of the terrorists (sorry, freedom fighters) with precision-guided missiles and bombardment from aircraft.

    Our enemy Pakistan also changes the demographic profile of Baluchistan and Pak-occupied Kashmir. Bangladesh also does the same at Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT). Our another enemy China does it at Tibet and Xinxiang. China imposes various restrictions like banning of burkha and beard at Xinxiang.

    I often wonder why India can't learn from these countries. Why can't India change the demography of the valley? Why can't we use precision-guided missiles for sending the terrorists and their sympathisers to their Creator?

    Why? Why? Why?
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    Mr. Partha kansabanik, I understand your agony. India is a paradise for criminals and wrong doers. This country protects them very well. We won't give freedom to a person who is protecting law and order. He can't take a decision to shoot if a culprit is trying to go away. By any chance if the culprit dies in his attempt to run away all the so called human rights protection society will start criticising the police. Opposition parties ask the ruling government to resign. But the same people will never react if the police gets hurt. He is not a human being.
    I agree with you that we should learn from the enemies and friends. The demographic picture of the valley can be changed. We can use precision guided missiles for sending the terrorists and their sympathisers to their creator. But the Government will be questioned all over and whole country will get reacted. Please rember that a terrorist who attacked our parliament was safe in prison for so many years till the law accepted to take action .

    always confident

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    Again a painful thread from the author rightly expressing the plight of India which is not able to take formidable actions against the neighbors, which is having all the credentials of being a rogue country and we keep on tolerating their overtures just because we have chosen the path of non violence and we wont retaliate that easily even our jawans and Army officers risk their lives at the hands of enemy soldiers. I too wonder why should India wait for International approval or peace organization to get their nod for action against Pakistan. For the self defence of our country, we have every right to take necessary actions to safeguard the people. No country can interfere or give advise to keep away from Pakistan. Now seeing our light attitude toward Pakistan, our another neighbor, China started showing tantrums.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: India is required to fight on many fronts. Not only we are required to fight our external enemies, we must take care of our internal termites, the descendants of Jaichand and Mirzafar.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I agree with the author India has its own detractors and they are helping as proxies to our enemy countries and even passing our secret information to those countries. It is the high time New Delhi assert its rights to weed all those who are working against the National Interest. When former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could impose emergency and jail all those leaders who are vocal and against her, what is wrong if PM Modi arrests all those so called separatists who are detrimental to worse conditions of lives in the valley be arrested and put in jail for indefinite period in the National interest.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Partha, what do you suggest? How should we proceed? Sitting in a comfortable office, reading books and churning out ideas is fine, especially because you have been in the field for almost twenty years as claimed by you in some other threads. But how can your thoughts be put into practice? Kindly enlighten! The crux of your message is understood but do you know that your call is illegal- directly!?
    'Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance'- Will Durant.

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    #603021: What is illegal? Some of my suggestions (not all):-

    1. Scrap Article 370 immediately.
    2. Separate Jammu and Ladakh regions. For information, Ladakh region and Jammu region are bigger than Kashmir valley.
    3. Withdraw special monetary packages to Kashmir. In short, stop feeding the Kashmiris Basmati rice @ Rs. 2/- per kilo.
    4. Instead, Govt. should utilise the amount to rehabiitate Kashmiri Pandits in 1-2 districts of North Kashmir (which are much less affected by terrorism).
    5. Also settle ex-servicemen and their families in various districts of Kashmir valley with all facilities. Free/Liberal supply of arms and weapon must be ensured to the newly-settled families.
    6. Arrest some Hurriyat leaders and throw the keys of the prison forever.
    7. Similar treatment to the terrorists and to their protectors. Firing should be done aiming the heads, not the legs.
    8. Another Corps must be raised under Northern Command (in adition to 15 Corps) exclusively for CI operations.

    I will suggest some more steps later.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    With the BJP holding the hands of PDP in J&K , can Sri Modi take a strong step in this regard? Hats off to the BJP at center for all the disturbances within and outside!
    'Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance'- Will Durant.

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    Mr. Ganesh: Is your previous response directly related to the present thread? If I was the Editor, I would award negative points to such response. Besides, time and again I have stated that I am not a BJP supporter. Then why do you bring political parties here?

    Let's come to the ongoing discussion. The previous suggestions of mine are basically defensive in nature. We must take some pro-active measures in various other fronts like bureaucratic, diplomatic, military, trade , etc. I earlier thought to post these suggestions, but now I feel that ISC may not be a suitable platform to discuss these measures.

    However, to implement these decisions, all political parties must rise above narrow, partisan politics. We need 'competitive nationalism' in place of 'competitive secularism' in our country at the present tumultuous time.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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