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    How description of an author set at the bottom of an article?

    I have found that in many articles, a small description is provided about the author at the bottom of the article. Is this description sets by author or by ISC editors? I do not found this type of description at the bottom of my articles.
    If this is set by author, let me know how to set it.
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    You can set your own description. Go to dashboard, there you will find an option "edit forum footer". Using it you can set your own footer.
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    The page Nilesh mentioned where 'Edit Forum footer' is - over there, there is a separate box for the article footer. What you enter in the box for the forum footer is what appears at the bottom of all your forum threads and responses. What you enter in the box for the article footer is what appears at the bottom of all your articles.

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    I had this doubt. But I never tried to know. But by this thread I got my doubt cleared. Thanks to the author and Ms. Vandana, Managing Editor for her clarification.
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    Thanks everyone to clarify my doubt. Now I came to know how to set description of an author in article section.
    Thanks again.

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