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    Why vegetables are costly post GST and Tomato is now priced at 100 rupees which is very high ?

    We have seen the advertisement published by the government after the implementation of the GST across the country that the vegetables would be cheaper and that is not taxed. But contrary to that we find double the cost of vegetables and fruits. In Hyderabad where I purchase regularly the vegetables and fruits a kg of any item is ranging from 50 to 60 rupees and tomato which was sold at 20 rupees for a kg is now priced at 100. Common man is now really going through the after effects of GST. Members please mention the vegetable and fruits prices of your area.
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    Generally in rainy season because of water logging and water flooding the vegetable growing areas are affected and the price of these items go steeply high.
    The exact affect of GST will be known only after the rainy season is over and normal phase comes in.
    The wholesalers are the people who more and less decide the market trend. If they add GST to their prices rather than adjusting a part of their margin in it then such anomolous situation will arise. Govt has already warned the business community on this aspect and it will take time for these confusions to fade away.

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    GST don't have any role in tomato's price. Government should educate people about GST as a higher priority. Otherwise people will start blame GST for each and everything.

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    In my opinion also the rise in vegetable price is more of a seasonal thing rather than GST.
    People have to understand GST in terms of the comparison of earlier taxes with it then only it's correct effect will be known.
    The interesting thing is due to GST some of the items may become slightly costlier but many items should be cheaper. As that is not happening in reality, it means that the whole sellers and retailers are not passing the benefit to customer. Govt has already announced that the shopkeepers adhering to such unethical practices will be punished.
    Now it will take some time before these things are streamlined and GST is followed by people in its real spirit.
    Whenever there is a change of tax regime some crooked people take advantage of the situation but soon they will be caught in the vigilatory network and will have to pay for their wrong doings.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think the changes in the vegetable prices are not any indication of GST. This depends on the availability. A particular variety of vegetable may be available in a particular season. In that season you may see that price will touch rock bottom. I know onions were sold at 100 rupees a Kg. Now the same are available at 3kgs for Rs.50/-. It is not the GST effect.
    Similarly Tomatoes rates are also very changing. Again only availability is the reason.
    But many of the small business people under the name of GST trying to collect higher rates from the innocent purchasers. We should watch out.
    Yesterday my driver wanted to purchase some books for his son. Notebooks. The seller told him that the rate is increased by Rs. 6/- per one book because of GST. My driver everyday sees the newspaper and have some understanding about the GST. Immediately he told that the tax on books has come down so you have to reduce the price. The shop owner denied. Then my driver asked him a bill with mentioning the GST %. The vendor withouting replying has given him the notebooks at the old price. Beware of this kind of vendors.

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    Prices always rise on any reason invented or actual. The real farmer producing these vegetables may be getting only a fraction of the price we pay. It is the middlemen, who hike the price and share the profit. At every stage of change of hands there is price hike. The increase does not bear a true relation to the additional expense incurred like transportation etc. I have sen vegetables getting damaged and thrown(or is it deliberately done to keep prices high) and still the items are not sold for less price.

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    The season was the same prior to July 1st and within two or three days the price risen to greater heights and thus the mention.
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