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    The tale of grandma’s blue ribbon

    [This entry wins the joint fourth prize for the story contest]

    There was a little girl whose name was Juliet. Juliet's grandma used to keep a roll of long blue ribbon safe in her possession. The storing of long ribbon in a safe custody for so long was a mystery. Probably, the long ribbon might be the last sign of grandpa.

    One day, Juliet secretly took out the roll of long blue ribbon and ran to the front yard to play. While she was playing out, a groom came running towards her claiming that he is going to be late and is lost. He might miss his own wedding. The shoes which he was wearing were a bit loose. Juliet asked him to wait till she tries to fix his shoes. She took a long strand of ribbon and cut into two pieces. Then, she inserted the ribbon into both the shoes to make it tighter and then told him the way to get to the church. He thanked Juliet saying that he is late, but now he looks fine.

    Next, there was the distressed bride in her white bridal fancy clothes whose hair was in total mess, and she was also late and lost. She was yelling that she will miss her own wedding. Juliet said that she will fix up her messy hair. Juliet again took a long strand of ribbon and cut into eight pieces. Then the lady bent down and Juliet fixed her hair. She said that she will be late for the wedding, but now she looks fine. Juliet then directed the bride the way to the church.

    Then, the wedding guests soon followed with many unwrapped presents. They were yelling, "we are late and lost. We are going to miss the wedding. We don't even have time for wrapping the presents." Juliet said that she would wrap the presents. Juliet again took a long strand of ribbon and cut into five pieces to wrap the presents. The family thanked Juliet and said that they may be late, but now they have lovely looking presents. Juliet showed the way to the church.

    Now she was left with only a small piece of ribbon. She saw a man came running down the road yelling that he is late and lost. Suddenly he stops and screams, "O No! It's lost". "What has been lost", asked Juliet. The man said "The Ring, The Wedding Ring. I lost the Ring." "I will help to find it out", said Juliet. She crawled around and found the ring in a mud pond. Juliet said that he might again lose it. So, she tied the ring with the last piece of ribbon on his finger and showed him the way to the church. The man said that he may be late, but at least he now has the ring with him.

    Juliet was now much worried and tensed. But, on one side, she is happy that the long roll of ribbon which was kept unused for so long was used to help many. Her mother was searching for Juliet. She soon found her and was devastated. She grabbed Juliet hand and ran down the road. They were also guests of the wedding. Juliet waited on the steps while her mother went in.

    Fortunately, the grateful bride and groom notice the girl outside the church. "Why don't you come in?" asked the groom. Juliet said, "I am much worried about my grandma's long ribbon which I tore into pieces to fix shoes, wrap the hair, wrap the presents and tie a ring and now I don't have a single piece of the long ribbon which my grandma treasured for so long." Finally, the grandmother appeared from nowhere and asked Juliet in a state of shock, where is the ribbon?

    This is an entry to the Me a ribbon creative writing contest
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    Very nicely narrated story by the author. The usefulness of the ribbon in various ways was brought into the story very nicely. The way she help all is very nice and it will bring lot of respect to her family also. I think grandma should not feel that the ribbon got exhausted but she should feel happy for the usefulness of ribbon to all. Good story.
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    I enjoyed the story of the lazy bride, lazy groom and the invitees . All could not prepare themselves in time and act smart during their life's one time wedding event. Grandma won't be happy to see this event where the ribbon helped the lazy guys. All the best.
    No life without Sun

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