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    Beautiful Pink Satin Ribbon

    [This entry wins a consolation prize for the story contest]

    Happy birthday to you ! Happy birthday to you ! little angel , Ishika open her eye.
    Mother and father kiss on her head and give a beautiful gift pack with lots of blessing ,
    Ishika open it in hurry, My gift My birthday gift.
    Ishika , Wow!, very nice dress , I like pink color too much with golden sandal, can I wear it
    Mom said that's why We choice this.
    Ishika , mom first I bath then go for temple.
    She is very excited and ready to go for temple , Mom there is no hair accessories
    Siya, O no we Forget. What 's I do now
    Father , ok , ready for temple , Siya and my angel
    Ishika looks like a doll in her pink dress, said, No dad
    Mohit : Why what's Happened
    There is no hair pines and tick tack .
    Mohit : OOOO
    Suddenly rang the bell , Siya open the door O' you . Wait a moment.
    Siya said to maid we go for outside first you clean the house.
    Maid said, ok and do her job.
    Maid, Madam can I throw the packing cover and ribbon ,
    Mother don't throw give me, I tie it in my doll hair .
    How is my Idea ,
    Ishika said, Ok , then Siya make two beautiful Ponies.
    Mohit : Wow , pretty , let's go
    After worship Ishika , What is our next plan .
    Mother: We go for Mall , swing and eat lots then return home OK or …. Arrange a feast with your friends , done .
    Ishika, done mom, very nice plan , I want to celebrate my birthday with my friends also.
    All are enjoy and spend great fun time. Ishika enjoy her birthday lots.
    Next day, Ishika go for school, Parents are ready for office,
    Father , O' today is cancer day boss said to all staff should be keep pink ribbon bow, on shirt pocket,
    Siya , My boss also said to all Mohit , But you don't worried about it she went to daughter room and cut ribbon into two parts, become two bow of pink Ribbon .
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    A simple story about the use of pink ribbon. Alas! At last a good packing and decorative ribbon was cut into pieces. The ribbon would have cried.
    No life without Sun

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    A simple story having a decent ending. Using the ribbon wrapped on the packing is a novel idea.
    Good attempt by the author.
    Wishing good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good story by the author. The use of pink ribbon on cancer day is also brought into the story so that all readers knows about it. A good attempt. It is nice that the pink color is serving the purpose of two people in the end by becoming it two pieces indicate the helpful nature of the ribbon. Nicce Idea. All the best to the author.
    always confident

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