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    How do you look at states converting highways into urban roads to sell liquor?

    We know that Supreme Court has ordered to ban liquor sale within 500 meters from highways. In order to circumvent Supreme Court's decision, many states converted state highways into urban roads. They are asking the Centre to denotify National highways passing within the city limits to convert into urban roads. Even Supreme Court upheld the decision of states to denotify their roads. By doing so neither the Supreme Court nor the states are losing here. But who is winning? How do you look at states converting highways into urban roads to sell liquor?
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    This is simply fooling the public and the Supreme court. We all know that many states are having their own state Highways which connects to every district head quarters and towns and they are maintained by the state government. But with recent SC order to ban liquor sale within 500 meters from highways has compelled the states to ask the center to denotify those roads as urban roads. For the center it wont be any problem, as they are not going to incur any expenses on that. But the real ploy here is to fool the court as its order has been literally not taken into seriously as many states are just thriving on their good earnings through sale of liquors. What I fear that some gullible wine dealers may even engage mobile wine bars and shops which may sell liquor on run so that there wont be violation of SC rule and state roads may not be converted into urban roads.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a situation where nothing can be done. If state Govt themselves are not able to come out from the clutches of liquor sellers what centre Govt can do.

    Whatever rule you make if there is not a will to follow it, the rule goes waste. There are large number of rules and regulations but in absence of good governance they are rotting in the backyard.

    Liquor shops are a big exchequer generator and no state Govt will like to close down or even reduction in their liquor sales. So net result is disastrous.

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    Here the fault is with state governments not with the liquor traders. State government wants money. Liquor is one area whose amount is coming as tax to government. So they always try to improve the revenue. So they are trying to denotify all state highways to urban roads. There may be a certain criteria to decide the road as urban road or state highway. I am not aware of that. If it is already there those norms to be strictly followed in deciding whether a particular road is urban road or highway. If it is not there the Supreme court should direct central government to make a policy and implement. They should order the states to maintain status quo till the exercise is complete.
    Otherwise it will be like making a way to dishonour the court order.
    In this moment I remember the legend N T Rama Rao who banned liquor on his own without thinking about any other repercussions from that and he managed the same quiet some time.

    always confident

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    But Dr Rao even during NTR regime the total prohibition was not possible as the boozers would get the stock through Military quota and also travelling down to Bidar which is near to Hyderabad.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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