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    Ribbon! The savior of the Galaxy

    Several light years in between the dark space there was a splendid planet of ribbons. This planet was called Ribbonoverse. It was of elliptical shape and had two cores situated at each focus. The outer crust was stitched with colorful velvet cloth which created a wonderful effect. This planet was so peculiar that it became a famous place for tourists.

    Not only physical characteristics but something more added curiosity about this planet. Ribbonoverse was inhibited by population of millions of ribbons who were called ribbonians. This ribbons survived a soulful life like other biological species because of the golden mysterious fluid which occupied both the core. This liquid was locally named there as fountain of life because when the planet spinned then a reaction took place which spread a magical vapours which when transmitted through changed the hard crust into velvet cloth and filled life in ribbons.

    On one side this planet was getting fame and on other side an evil monster was trying to rule the whole universe by capturing each planet. His name was Davy Jones and belonged to planet Stargazer which was situated opposite to ribbonoverse in the same galaxy. One day he tackled a planet and gave its people a very scary death. There was an old man on the same planet and seeing his people dying cursed Davy Jones that he will lose all his power slowly and finally die. Hearing this Davy Jones raged with anger and killed the man, as soon as he did this vibration strucked his full body and he fainted.

    After several incidence of loss in power he called an astrologer and asked for solution to this curse. The astrologer said that somewhere in the galaxy a two cored planet's magical fluid can save him from the curse. Hearing this he immediately set out to sail in search of that planet. After a week he managed to find Ribbonoverse and started looking for that fluid. He informed the ribbonians about his problem and asked for help. But the elder ribbon had already heard about his destruction and thereby after consulting his cabinet member denied his demand. On hearing this Davy jones became furious and ordered his warrior galaxorian to destroy the planet and bring the fountain of life to him. As soon as they killed several ribbons due to the magical atmosphere they came back to their life. This amazed Davy jones and made him helpless. On other side ribbonians just attached themselves lengthwise and formed a huge ball of sphere. After this a tiny opening just swallowed Davy Jones within that sphere and as soon as this happened all the ribbonians started rotating against each other about a common axis in such a way that it created so much friction that the ball was converted into fire. This burnt Davy Jones and marked an end to his destruction.

    The people of whole galaxy thanked the ribbonians and cheered for them as

    Our Savior The Ribbons!
    Our Savior The Ribbonian!
    Our Savior The Ribbon..................

    Competition Entry Me, a ribbon - creative writing contest
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    Wow out of box, out of earth and over all a spell bound contribution on creative writing topic and the author made impressive entry with this contribution. Best of luck for the award in offing.
    K Mohan
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    A star wars overdose? I really loved the way it started. But as the story progressed it chilled out a bit.
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    A very nice creation. A good imagination. A real imaginary story. The author has run the story very nicely. All the best to the author.
    always confident

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    An excellent masala creation by the author. I enjoyed reading it.
    No life without Sun

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    It felt like I am reading a story from a science fiction Hollywood movie especially because of name of characters used, nice narration of story, idea and concept of fluid used was like a special effects shown on movies. I enjoyed reading it.
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