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    Hi Guys, wish me luck

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Hari, I joined ISC just 10 mins back.

    Wish me Luck. Hope i can earn some money
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    Hari warm welcome to this site. Hari do not be in a hurry to share contents here. You have to go through the posting guide lines and other rules which are appended in the links given at the end of this page. You can start earning some decent money through this site provided you follow the policy of own sharing and not copying any content from other sites which are strictly prohibited. As long as you start sharing your original thought and content, there is no stoppage for your name and fame coupled with great awards being announced time to time in this site. For the new comer it will take time to understand the functioning and it is imperative to know the profiles of other members, how they contributed and how they got benefited from this site. That will give you the right picture of this site and assurance to your progress.
    K Mohan
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    Welcome Hari. You have join a great site where you can share your knowledge and can learn many new things here. You can also earn some extra money for your time and sharing. I will suggest you to be active in forum section first then go to ask expert section. You can also write article on different topics of your interest. You can also submit colleges, courses, jobs etc at ISC. I will suggest you to please visit this thread and learn FAQ of different sections. It will certainly help you .
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    Welcome Hari to ISC. Its good site to learn and earn. You can earn good pocket money but to earn more you need to hard work and smart work.

    Good quality contents will give you good height. If you get approved google adsense account from here then this will be your achievement and that should be your first target here to go long.

    Only earning from article will not enough for you .. You need to perform in all section of ISC.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Mr.Hari, welcome to you to this site. All the best to you here. I hope we learn from each other through this site which is very god base to interact with intellectual people and we can improve our knowledge in many areas. Go through the help topics and then start with forum section.
    always confident

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    hello ! Hari a very warm welcome to you on this site. Like you I also joined this site recently after going through this site and all I find is very good stuff from so many talented people here... they are all expert in this field we can learn alot from them as we are new here. As sir has said above that you should not be in hurry before posting anything you should go through the terms and conditions and do not copy be original here. This is the platform where we all can share our views, knowledge, experience and other things which we think can help other like posting new jobs, participating in forums,reviews, posting articles and many more thing. I would like to suggest that before posting anything here you should go through the site and see what others are posting as these people are our mentors you can take their help whenever you want they are all ready to help you get started and earn a decent amount of money while sharing you thoughts here... Hoping for some good coming from your side may be we could lean something new from you. All the very best....

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