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    How you feel when you see the traffic police standing roadside?

    I would like to share my experience with the roadside standing policeman asking you to pay the challan. I have seen so many policeman standing under the expressway or highways. These policeman would ask you to park your car or vehicle roadside and would check for all legal documents, if you have all of legal documents they would still try to find reasons to charge you with some money. I would like to quote one incident where we were travelling in car and the police stopped us they ask us to show all the legal documents and when we showed him all the required documents, still he was not satisfied and then he started to search something in our car something he could find to charge us with money. And when he could not find anything he said i would seeze your car for irrelevant reason and said that you have to pay the challan amount which was very high. And we could not do anything as we were in the midst of our way to home we cant afford to leave our car then he (policeman) said you can pay this much of amount (less than the challan) and you may take your car further. He was so rude and we could not do anything as you all know we cannot argument with an on duty policeman we have to pay the money he asked and he put that money in his pocket. I felt so bad as the money paid was earned it was yearned. He was not the only policeman standing, there were around 10-15 policeman standing and doing the same act. How can we trust the police when the police is acting like dacoit....
    I would like to know more from you please share your experience here...
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    It is true. Some policemen are like that. But what is happening is the government is giving some targets to them . They you should collect this much amount this year. They have to achieve their departmental targets also. So both put together it will become high and they do all nonsenses to fulfill their targets. They pressurise two wheelers more than 4 wheelers. In cities now a days even after paying money to the police, the challans are raised on line and we were forced to pay otherwise they will stop our vehicle till we pay the challan.
    But when we are travelling to some place they can't stop us abruptly without proper reason and pending challans. They can book a case and we will have some time to defend us. This is told to me by one of my friend. If we talk to them very strongly when we know that there is no fault from our side and they will come round and request for a little money. This is a general practice. If we appear as if we are frightened a little bit we will have to pay heavily
    I don't know how far it is true, I heard in this money starting from ministers down constable everybody will have share. .

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    The experience you shared may be familiar to many. At the same time we cannot generalise the same. There are some who are very gentle and behave so. They might stop the vehicles and inspect the documents. If found guilty a memo will be given, if found guilty, for making a payment as fine at the vehicles department office within a specified period. Then the traveller can go freely.
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    There are many traffic policemen and I have one in my neighborhood who is known for his notorious acts. They charge people for whatever reason they could find suitable to take out the money and obviously, they are well versed in legal sophistications and try to intimidate us by posing a threat of dragging us in legal complexities and that is the reason we get scared at times and give them what they ask for.I have seen many traffic policemen threatening roadside vendors and sellers to get some money out of their pockets. Police system is a prime representation of power and is exploited by many.

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    It is true. It happens in my locality as well. Generally the traffic police don't do their duty efficiently. They stand at various checkpoints only when they feel like making money. Moreover, they never give the challan slip; they ask for a sum which is less than the challan and put it in their own pocket. Once I was on a road trip with my friends and a policeman stopped us. We had all the legal documents and didn't break any rule. After checking the documents, he searched the car looking for something illegal but he couldn't find one. Still, he fined us 300 rupees giving some vague reason. This was complete misuse of power and we couldn't do anything.
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    In Hyderabad after receiving the spate of complaints of traffic police of low cadre are stooping to the low level of collecting bribing money, the Hyderabad traffic police came with the new rule that only those who have the SI rank can challan a violator and that too one need not pay cash. That means let the fine be imposed through challan and that can be paid later through online. Now the policeman standing on the cross roads are finding it difficult to earn money. For them the government has given cameras to catch the wrong doers like helmet less travel, talking to cell phone while driving, without seat belt driving and above all crossing the signal when it is red. Once the image is captured, the police person is assured of some amount, So imagine, the more he catches images of wrong doers, the more incentive he gets and that too legally.
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    I think this kind of rule that only those who have the SI rank can challan a violator and that too one need not pay cash should be imposed all over the country. It is a very great idea and it will stop the policeman to charge the innocent people. The public would be benefited traffic will be controlled and the people would be encouraged to follow the traffic rules otherwise their picture will be captured and they have to pay the challan. I have seen so many two wheeler drivers who do not wear helmets which is very dangerous. They will have fear that their picture will be captured.

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    Yes. It is happening all over India. All the policemen are not corrupt culprits. Many are corrupt and only a very few are decent and God fearing. We the public should not oblige the policeman who demand some sum for not being wrong. In the technologically advanced world, we have phones with recording facility. Just extend the conversation to trap the policeman, record his threatening demand for a sum, lodge a complaint and produce it as a witness to the policeman's wrongful demand. If we all can do this, the police will be silenced for their wrong demands.
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    Our factory and office was situated in the outskirts of the city. On emergency situations the office staff used to get pillion ride from other staff possessing vehicle. Car users used to offer lift to the staff to the main road. That time,, there was a strictness in wearing helmet for the pillion rider also. To our convenience, the government bus also diverted one route through our factory area and they post an Inspector from the Transport Department to schedule the timings of the special service. One day our accounts officer as he want to go to main road on some urgent work, requested our purchase officer to give lift in his two wheeler. When the crossed the junction of the bus stop, they say the Transport Inspector with wireless motor bike. On seeing him the got frightened by thinking that was some traffic police. So, silently they drove the vehicle nearby him and told sorry sir. He puzzled and asked why. Then our purchase office told that the pillion rider was not with helmet. He laughed and told that he was just Inspector of transport department. The felt ashamed and on hearing from them on the next day, we all laughed.

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    Some policemen take advantage of situation and ask for money. All are not like that. I have encountered many who are simply handing over the receipt quickly and collecting the fine as per receipt. These type of policemen do not waste time in discussion as they have no malafide intentions.

    Actually the evil of making money by traffic police is a very very old vice and has settled its roots down below the ranks and will take significant time for its eradication in the new Govt regime.

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    Today Saturday, I parked my car unknowingly near a civil court where the warning board read 'No Parking. Tow Away Zone." After completing my work, when I returned, I found my vehicle missing. I realized that the vehicle was towed by the police towing vehicle. I got inside an auto and searched the vehicle in the areas where such towed vehicles would be parked. After half an hour search, I located my car and felt relaxed. This was the first time that my vehicle was towed away, and I was not aware of the procedure to be followed to retrieve the vehicle. I was hoping that they would fine a good sum. But to my great astonishment, the police officer sitting inside the towing vehicle gave me an e-bill for Rs. 1100 (Rs. 100 for wrong parking, Rs. 500 as Government charges and Rs, 500 as towing charge). What a bad and good day for me today Saturday!

    I think the money billed will reach the government treasury, not into the pocket of the police official. Am I correct?

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    As you have said they gave you an e-bill I hope they will submit the whole amount i.e RS.1100 to the Government treasury. But as per my knowledge most of the policeman nowadays charge to somewhat less amount than the actual bill and put that money into their pocket and they have share in that amount. They share such money with their higher officials who protect them and encourage them in doing such illegal activities.

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