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    Ethical and moral values are coming down in medical field also

    Nowadays we are seeing more and more mischiefs in public life. Many people are trying to deceive people and make money. We heard many this kind of incidents in past. Collecting money from unemployed in the guise of a job for them, collecting money to get free houses issued by government etc. were heard. Running chit fund companies and vanishing is also heard. But today morning I read a news that in Hyderabad some fertility centers deceiving the people in the name surrogate pregnancy. The sperms of mother and father will be taken and they will be allowed to grow and deliver by a different lady. This has become a business now. In one case they found that the DNA of the baby is not matching with either father or mother. It indicates that the baby belongs another couple. Is it not deceiving?

    Another very dangerous incident noticed is mixing of saline in the blood.When there was an emergency blood brought from a blood bank and started to give it to a patient. The blood is very thin.The nurse noticed it and informed the doctor. They found that saline solution is mixed in blood. Is it not playing with lives. Earlier days people used to say there are demons which will drink our blood. Same is the issue here. For the sake of money they are trying to kill people. Are they demons?

    By seeing these issues and the treatment expenses in corporate hospitals I feel that ethics and moral values in medical profession also are coming down. We all used to say Doctor is God. In Telugu they say. Vaidyo Narayano Hari. I think now these people can't be of that grade. Am I wrong friends?
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    This is very true Mr. Rao. I think this happens due to:
    a) These days private hospitals and clinics are much more in number than government ones. As we know in private hospitals there have many expensive amenities which are not available in government hospitals. So government hospitals are much more prone to these risks.
    b) On the other hand private hospitals sometimes recruit doctors, nurses and other assistants without properly checking their affiliations. So many fake medical people get associated with prestigious hospitals. They know nothing about medicines. Hence these problems arise.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    What the author has appended is one hundred percent truth. Medical field has become costly affair and those who spend lakhs and crores to go through the course and PhD end up earning from back door which is nothing but cheating. Only yesterday I was watching a news where in a real government doctor gone as patient in to private hospital and experienced what the doctors would do with the normal patient and how they are recommending for tests and diagnostics without even knowing the necessity of such tests. Hence the so called doctor was arrested. This kind of special checks must be continued by MCI and punish the gullible.
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    Values and life styles are ever changing. When changes happen some accept it easily some cannot accept it. Some get benefited some get harmed by that. I have heard my grand parents telling and also in religious discourses that the present s Kaliyug. The values and moral undergo dramatic changes and 'Dharma' gets weakened and 'Adharma' gets support and encouragement. Slowly over period the good people will be just a quarter and the 'Adharmic' people will be of 75%.. At that time the yug will come to an end and the cycle of creation will start again. Some people believe in this and some may not. I feel there is something to believe in this.

    However still we are many thousand years away from Kaliyug end. You can imagine. how the trend will be.

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