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    Are you a slave to yourself and your abilities?

    A weird question some might think, but then it is a weird world that we live in, so weird queries are permissible.

    I interact with a lot of people, while most people I meet do not hesitate to go that extra mile to grasp something that is different from what they are used to. There are many who feel uneasy stepping out of their comfort zone. They expect everything to be tailored to suit them.

    For instance, some people might expect to be served only what they like to eat and are averse to new cuisines (this of course within the confines of their religious beliefs). Some folks prefer vocabulary that they understand, and are reluctant to learn something new.

    What kind of person are you? Do you push yourself and get out of your comfort zone or do you like to continue to be a slave to yourself and your abilities? Do you make an effort to do something different or to enhance your knowledge or do you think others must adapt and modify themselves to suit you?
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    Only today morning I came across a good proverb in Malayalam which says that as long as you have two good hands and two good legs, nothing can stop you in this world to work for your own, and explore the abilities to the maximum. In this cunning world no one is going to come with you nor help you. It is your fitness which will define your position in the society. If you are able you can even cook and serve the people instead of waiting for others to cook and wait for their offer of food. That is why some old generation people does their work on their own without even asking for some help from others.
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    I always try to go an extra mile even it is out of my comfort zone and try to achieve something beyond my capacity. I was working in company where the work assigned was being completed in 4 hours and there was no further scope for doing some development work or similar, I was very uncomfortable. I quit that job and joined in a job where there was a lot of scope for improvement and development . I tried my best there and excelled. My wife always says your first preference is job and then only wife. I worked at a stretch 24 hours to establish a process and I derive much happiness out of that work.
    Similarly coming to my eating habits, I am a vegetarian. But I am not particular about what type of vegetarian it is? Any type of vegetarian is ok for me. What ever my wife cooks and gives me, I eat. If I go to new place I tries to taste the famous veg dishes in that place
    It is always better to be happy by working more and eating whatever is available.

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    What I find is that in today's world people do not want to go that extra mile and work beyond their capacity they only want to have tailor made work in which they are not required to work but in return they expect something great. While on the other hand I also observed that people who are old or the older generation people are always ready to work beyond their capacity even they are ready to do work which today's young generation would hesitate to do. Even at my home I find my parents, my uncle and aunt's are quite active than my cousins. Sometime I feel I am quite lazy then i push myself to work hard. I have seen people at the age of 70 to 80 doing household works, working in offices, shops working as labor, employee, or employer standing for longer hours they are more hard working than the young generations. They are also more concerned about their health they wake up early in the morning , they do yoga's, running and other exercises according to their capacity while the young generation are more careless, they want everything to be tailor made instead of working on it.

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    A very interested thread posted by the author and deserves a lengthy response to understand the mechanism behind the behaviour of a man who is confined to his abilities.

    With many of us it is really difficult to try outside our boundaries. People may term us rigid or shy in that aspect but it is a trait acquired during the growth in the long journey from the childhood to present age. People can not accept their defeat in public. They will pretend to know something but will not practice it due to fear of exposure of their failure.

    Some people are honest. They are not afraid of end results. They are ready to learn from their juniors. They do not have false ego. These are the people who always venture outside their territory and often get success. In the process they learn a lot and their boundaries are increased.

    So both type of personalities are there in the society and it is upto the individual which one he yearns for and does corresponding efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Although it sometime it gets scary to go beyond my limits to do some tasks that I want to do, but when I feel I really want to finish a certain task I am ready to go through scary things and risker ways.
    Few days ago when I was learning to ride my new scooty it was a bit scary as I fall down 1-2 times and got hurt but I still continued and now I believe I have achieved certain level of perfection in scooty riding and now I also want to learn to ride bike and drive a car. And this made me learn sometimes pushing our limits we get more motivated and active to do more.
    Even when I go for morning walk and running, I always to try to run one or two rounds more than my capacity.
    But I don't want to do such experiments with the meal I have, cause pushing boundaries in case of food is more difficult for me than in any other case.

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    I am not a totally closed person. But there is definitely a range and limit for my experimentation and adventure. I still try stay influenced by the invisible reins and moorings. I used to feel a bit hesitant to admit that in my teens. But now I have the confidence to be what I am. Just because someone else is doing something, I do not blindly do that. I apply my own parameters and follow it or reject it.

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    Very honestly admitting that I fall in this category - "There are many who feel uneasy stepping out of their comfort zone. They expect everything to be tailored to suit them." I want to avoid risk; perhaps this approach made me to work with others in comfortable levels.

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