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    Why some people wont share their success stories but ready to share their problems and challenges ?

    In this competition world getting success is the great gift to a person and he must share the story of success to the fellow citizens so that others will get a cue and plan accordingly. But often I have seen that some people achieve their success and keep quite without sharing the same to anyone. If one has achieved success , it is because of hard work and good planning and no one is going to steal their success any way. On the other hand, they are ready to share their agony, problems and challenging situations in the life to which others are not interested and wont lend their ear.
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    Many people think that if we share our success with many people , the others may feel jealous of our success and that will prevent us from getting further success. So they hesitate to share success with others. Whether it is correct or not I can't say. As far as I am concerned I will share my success with all.
    Many people expect other's good words if they are in difficulties and sorrows. So they try to share their agony and difficulties. If we share our problems we may get some solution for our problem,is the thinking of people. Hence they share their problems with others.

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