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    One thing which is taught in school people forget usually

    We all learn so many things in school but when we grow up we forget everything. One thing that I still remember is before going to bed you should think that what you did today and have you hurt somebody? I still remember this lesson of life. And I feel very bad when I find that I hurt someone directly or indirectly even when the person is guilty of doing something wrong to me or anybody else. I still feel bad, even when I know that I was right on my part and the person is guilty of doing something wrong still feel bad that I was rude to him or her. I wonder why they don't understand the things I do and why they are not like me. But at the end of the day I feel everyone is unique in his/her own sense and we cannot expect others to be like us, not everybody is good or kindhearted. Do you think at the end of the day what you have done and think have you hurt anybody? How you feel then and how you react to it? When the fault is yours, what do you do to make that person happy?
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    There are many good things we learn in school but when it comes to practice them in real life we deviate from them considerably. The author is very right in pointing out this falacy in our life.

    During our interaction with different people sometimes due to difference of opinion or conflict of interest there is a situation of confrontation. This confrontation makes people to behave in rough and rude way.

    The effect of this remains in the mind and when we recollect everything in the night before going to bed sometimes it haunts us. That is the source of pain and discomfort to us.

    It requires a lot of meditation, positive thinking, forgiveness, controling ones temper etc to avoid such confronting situations in life.

    So the things we learn when we were in school come to our riscue at such times. Praying to Almighty for forgiveness to all and give strength to us to progress in this world without confrontations and unnecessary conflicts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I hope people retain such things for life. Life would be much easier if we retain such lessons of life taught in school life they help us in every situation.

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    Many a times it so happens that the person does not give time to think weather he was wrong or right and he will always be in the notion that he is right. Even if he feels he was wrong, because of his ego and stubborn nature he might not confront the person he hurt.
    Not many people will think of what he did through out the day before going to bed. If everyone follow that and analize what ever they have done with a peaceful and calm mind, then definitely most problems and relationship clashes will be solved. But people these days do not have patience to analize what they have done and even if they analize, they do not want to accept their mistake.

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    A very nice post. As a human being it is our duty not to hurt anybody or talk rashly. We can make our point of view very strongly without hurting the others feelings. But some times we do some mistakes without thinking properly and some times it happens instantaneously.
    When we think about that incident afterwards we feel sorry for our behaviour at that moment of time. So it is always better to keep our emotions under control and behave thoughtfully.

    If not on that day night even after many days also if we sit and recollect those moments we will understand the issue and we feel bad for what we have done.
    During our schooling, our teachers and our elders in the house will always tell us very good points regarding the facts of life and how we should behave with others and how to be good. But as we grow we will forget those teachings. But remembering them and practicing them is very important in our life.

    always confident

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    I cannot agree with the author. Some months ago I raised a thread on goody goody attitude. I mentioned that this attitude generally doesn't work. People may take it as our weakness.

    We must call a spade a spade. We must state the truth, even if it is bitter/unpleasant.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    A very interesting thread raised by the author. Chilhood learnings are for lifetime. In day to day life we sometimes forget to follow those things but when we ponder seriously we visualise their strength and power.

    Talking politely, understanding point of view of others, control in oral conversation by using proper and respectful words etc are the basic need for avoiding unnecessary confrontation with others.

    Life will be brighter if we follow those things learned in our childhood and at the end of the day thank Almighty for the beautiful day we had.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Hi, first of all I want to thank to the author for writing on such a nice topic. Actually we learn many things in our school days but when we grow old. Due to many unpleasant circumstances we compelled do some things which we do not need to do. Also the world around us feels us weak if we talk politely to the others or speaking only soft words to others. But all the time we must remember the childhood learning in th every phase of life.

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    This is really a nice thread which connects to probing our own behavior on the day and realizing any mistake done or hurt anyone. By realizing the mistake itself we are one step ahead of others and by repenting for the mistakes done or hurting some one, we have totally changed ourselves in the sense that we have now understood the importance of live and others let live. Normally people who have taken revenge against opposite persons feel proud that they have ultimately achieved to humiliate that person. But in that process they brought bad name to themselves and the opposite person gets sympathy from others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr partha i fully agree with you that we should call a spade a spade even i do so. Whenever I find someone or something wrong I say it's wrong notwithstanding to whom I am saying wrong. We should always say truth instead of lying. But this kind of attitude makes me arrogant for some people or I can say for many as in today's world i find so many fake people they never say good about you but instead would find silly reasons to harass you will pull your leg even how correct you are and how wrong they are, they will make you guilty as the real culprit enjoys this kind of acts. And whenever I say truth then at the end of the day I feel bad even when I am right and even when that person has said negative comments about me even then I feel bad for him/her and I pray one day they will realize what they had done and I also know that the weak people revenge and strong people forgive while the intelligent people ignore and I try to forgive and ignore.

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    Thank you everyone for liking this thread....

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