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    Do you think Mr. Modi is the most overrated politician of India?

    Mr.Narendra Modi entered into National politics as a PM candidate through his image he got in Gujarat by overthrowing all other senior members of BJP. In his venture he succeeded himself to register an emphatic win in general election for BJP and make him to be seated in the PM post. From there onwards he is taking some self decisions like demonetization, GST, Swacch Bharath, bank accounts for every one etc. These programs like demonetization and GST have serious impact on common man but their realizatio can be felt only after long duration. The various programs initiated by Mr. Modi cannot yield any result at present and in no way help for the cause of common man. Previous PM's like PV Narasimha Rao, Mr. Manmohan and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi got name after their rule. But social media highlighting so much about Mr. Modi's success without common man getting a benefit out of his governance. So don't you think he is overrated politician of India?
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    Most over-rated politician of India? I think when Mr. Rahul Gandhi is around, no other person can be imagined for this coveted title.
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    I wont agree with the author that our PM Modi has been overrated by the media and social sites. In fact I would give lots of credence to his presence in social media which makes everyone to instantly connect with him and get to know his programs and policies and also support. The way the demonetization period was tackled in the social media even though the electronic media voiced concern over long queue lines, non availability of cash and rude behavior of bank staff. Given the circumstances teething problems were expected in the beginning but the public gave full support by using the cards for transactions and thus rush for cash was over. So every action of PM Modi had the inclusive participation of the public and his surgical strike was another feather in the cap. Now he may be taking actions against China for its overtures and you can expect this.
    K Mohan
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    I totally disagree with the comment - 'over-rated politician'. Many of us are not aware of his success as spokesperson of BJP and his tenure as General Secretary of the party. It would be an easier task for anyone to substantiate the stand of political party when it is in power but he played a sheet anchor role when BJP was representing the Lok Sabha with two members. He proved his caliber as CM of Gujarat for three successive tenures and rose to the post of Prime Minister of India. Thanks to Social media and electronic media for their role today in such a way that everyone is fed up with the pro and anti campaigns which in turn have a negative impact on any individual. Of course, we can't accept a dish if it is more sweeter, isn't it?

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    Mr. Mohan, Your are saying surgical strike is a feather in Modi's cap. In many editorials (Indian Express & Andhra Prabha) I found poor handling of Kashmiri issue by BJP in these 3 years has worsened the situation than in Congress regime. BJP party is aliened with PDP party which is supporting separatist. Previously Congress Party supporting the party which is pro-national. For that also the BJP used to abuse Congress party and its inefficiency with dealing the issue. The present situation is that official authorities of the government are moving in Cars with two different flags. The editorial mentioned that separatists were given free pass in conducting meetings, bandhs etc. by authorities while for pro nationalists were not given such free hand to conduct their meetings etc.

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    At this juncture it is not possible to give a judgement whether he is over rated, properly rated or under rated because this is the start of the journey. The pleasurable route of journey is still far. Long term policies do not yield results in a short span.

    The modus operandi of corruption percolated from top and settled down in the working machinery so rigidly in the past that how many years it will take for the present top leadership to clean it to a satisfactory level is any body's guess.

    So we will know in times to come todays rating whether it is over rating or not.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author.
    Present Governments handling of Kashmir is a complete flop. As a common man, I am seeing a complete deterioration of situation by comparing today with five year before.
    "China policy" also started backfiring.
    Prime Minister Modi has to introspect and start structural changes in foreign policies.
    Don't be too aggressive.

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    I don't think overrated will be the right word to describe him though it is true that everything he does is shown in a very exaggerated manner. He gets more media coverage than any other prime minister ever did no matter how good they were. I think this is because of his extraordinary oratory skills and the way he carries himself. It is because of him that India has been able to improve its international relations. He is not afraid of taking big decisions which involve risk. He has this ability to motivate people. When Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched, there was tremendous change in the behaviour of general public. It was because of the way Mr. Modi advertised it. People stopped throwing garbage here and there. The change was evident in my friend circle as well; when there was no dustbin nearby, we would use to put the chocolate wrappers in our pocket instead of throwing it anywhere. It is also true that some of his decisions didn't went well but he is also human and is bound to make some mistakes. The good that he has done for our country triumphs the bad. So, I feel that it won't be appropriate to describe him as overrated. One should get the credit he deserves.
    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Ramakrishna our PM is not worried about the editorials or stories published in the media, he is more concerned with the instant rapport being received on the social media and I am witness to it. Being in contact with PM on Twitter, the way the people appreciated him on surgical strikes was overwhelming and I cannot append more as the mentions were bountiful. Some media are working overtime to defame our PM and his moves. No other PM has ever had the guts and courage to challenge our neighbor and those who were in power previously went on pardoning them for the mistakes. But here is the PM who says with action and wont keep quiet.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let us talk about J&K:-

    (a) The present spate of unrest started during 2010 at the time of previous Omar Abdullah Govt. in J&K. The adminstratively inexperienced Omar with his corrupt leaders created a havoc in the state.
    (b) Jammu region and Ladakh region (for information, both are much bigger than Kashmir valley) are being discriminated since 1948 onwards.
    (c) During the Srinagar flood, Omar and his Cabinet fled Srinagar at the first avaiable opportunity.
    (d) In the election, both PDP and BJP did very well. However there was utter confusion in forming Government. The confusion was mainly on the part of PDP. It hesitated to form coalition with BJP.
    (e) This confusion and dilly-dallying were/are fully exploited by Hurriyat, Hijbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taeba, Dukhtaran-e-Milad (Asia Andrabi) and National Conference.
    (f) The success of the surgical strike made Pakistan, Hurriyat, Hijbul, LeT and Dukhtaran very nervous and they raised their level of co-operation. More money have come to the valley across the border.

    Due to these circumstancial reasons, the militancy in Kashmir is on the rise. But, it has to be remembered that it is still confined to South Kashmir. North Kashmir and Central Kashmir are still relatively very peaceful.

    Thanks for reading my brief answer.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I think ,we should be happy enough that we have PM like Mr.Modi.He works 18 hours in a day.He handles the national and international situations very boldly and smartly.He maintains discipline in everything.He never makes cheap remarks.He is really a Nayak,who has many challenges to face but he anchors the boat cleverly.He does a lot for common people.By his attempts common people are being more active and more hard working.He introduces such schemes which are beneficial for common people.
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    I don't accept that Mr. Modi is overrated. As CM of Gujarat the initiatives he had taken has made Gujarat as a front runner in many aspects. The complete picture of the state is changed. He is a real development oriented person.
    When the country has to progress some hard decisions should be taken and PM proved that he can take those decisions.All the countries across the globe are looking at our country and everyone says that coming years will belong India only.
    PM and his team are doing excellent job. Coal Mines open bidding system has proved to be a success and government good bring in lot of funds from there. After BJP has taken over no single scam from the government is reported in any media.
    Foreign policy is also getting proved to be good. Kashmir issue is like a forest fire.It was happened long back and no one tried to put off. It will take a little more time and definitely PM is capable of putting an end to it.
    In fact some of the electronic media is trying to underrate him because of their affiliations to other political parties.

    always confident

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    The popularity of Modi was created by his opponents only. They were showing him as a monster and never leaving any opportunity to hound him and hunt him. There were vested interests inside and outside the country. However people who visited Gujarat and who came to hear the development of Gujarat from their relative found him as a CM focused on development of his state.

    The wrong path aggressively followed by the so-called 'secular parties' and opportunists who were only interested in vote banks, made the new generation to think differently and they liked the then Gujarat Chief Minister who delivered results and made Gujarat quite different from other states. The new generation wanted this development to be spread to the whole country. Those who tasted the harmful results of the wrong strategy of the so-called secular parties also wanted a change and saw in Modi a leader of different kind and saw in him a saviour and promising leader to make India strong, stable and respectable in the world.They made him the PM.

    We are slowly seeing the changes. Modi government is going on long term plans and not interested in temporary vote bank politics unlike the earlier situation. They are focused on delivering.

    The 'doomsady' prediction by his opponents did not happen. So the people found the other parties' painted colour fade away and expose them.

    That is why people still have faith in Modi and his government. The team from ministers to the lower level officials are working hard and talking less. The press/Media is unhappy because they do not get'scoop'which they are interested in sensationalising.

    As a ordinary citizen even I feel that nothing has gone bad, certain things have become better and there is all indication that things will become better day by day. There is no allegation of corruption on this government even by the committed opponents.

    I am a realist and do not expect any miracles. NDA government is also having its own limitations and failings.

    But I would wish that the government does not rest in its laurels but continue to work for the country and its people to the best unmindful of arrows shot at it by vested interests. At least people now know that there is an alternative.

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    I would like to mention here one more relevant data. India has topped the global index of countries with the most confidence in their government according to OECD's report. So, I think that's the confidence of the Indians including Media in Narendra Modi and his government, due to which Modi seems overrated. It's the one aspect.
    Here is one more data: Modi government has spent a lot in advertising their plans and strategies. It somewhere raises a question on media that they have taken some amount of money from the government to overrate NaMo in the form of advertisement expenditure. It is the second aspect that is concern-able

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    You are correct Mr. Raheja.

    The anti-Modi brigade has lost the last vestige of common sense. Otherwise, they could have understood by now that not a single opposition leader can match Modi in his political acumen and vision. The more they try to weaken Modi and his party, the more they loose their credibility.

    So far as imlementation of the schmes is concerned, I admit that much more is expected. But the less than expected success rate (I don't describe those schemes as failure) in respect of some schemes is due to many factors like incompetent local leaders, dishonest executive, centre-state tension (in some cases), time required for trickle-down effect, etc.

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