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    Information update has been deleted. Want to know the exact reason?

    Occasionally I post Information Updates, mainly in respect of Disttricts of West Bengal and some North-Eastern states which I have visited. I try to give as much details in respect of those Districts as possible. I have personally developed a format and give information after collecting the same with lot of efforts. Generally I get reasonably good points and cash credit from these updates.

    Recently I submitted an Update in respect of Dhalai District of Tripura, in the same format developed by me. This District is the biggest Districtt of Tripura with low population density. Mainly people of Tripuri, Riang, Chakma tribes live in this district. The link of the Update is given below:-
    Dhalai District

    This thread was deleted. Initially the reason given was 'copied content'. So, I humbly request the concerned Editor to let me know from which website did I copy the content and more importantly, which portion has been copied. This is required because I can't recollect the site from where I had copied the content.
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    The problem is that the content you post is in many ways the exact same as it appears at the official site of the place and/or information posted at Wikipedia or at some other blog/website. Do not just copy and present the info in the same way as it appears at the other sites.

    Taking an example -
    Just put this one sentence in Google search and have a look for yourself: "Kathalcherra plantations: Many tourists come to visit the east and west Kathalcherra villages which have systematic and extensive plantations of rubber, banana, pineapple, mango, litchi, jackfruit, orange, lemon and other fruit trees. There are big lakes created for irrigation and fisheries."

    If I were providing this information as an update, I would write it differently: Kathalcherra, a village in Dhalai, has got very fertile land in its eastern and western region, thanks to the presence of abundant water sources. This allows farmers to cultivate a wide variety of fruits, such as citrus fruits and jackfruit, in addition to planting rubber saplings which provide good yield on growing to full-fledged trees. It is no surprise that tourists flock to view the well laid out expansive plantations which are also a horticulturist's delight!
    - post this text of mine in Google and see the result.

    I suggest that you present an update like this, in a flowing, readable style, instead of just putting them as points with just the data as it is given at other sites. It is not that you are short of words or lack writing skills. You can get even better cc if you present the update as suggested, like a mini-article. Do try.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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