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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    The greetings starting with "Ladies and Gentlemen" correct?
    Are you finding any gender inequality in it?
    "Hello everyone" is more gender friendly?
    What you say?
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    I don't see where gender inequality comes into the picture. According to me, it is simply a polite way to address people, especially if it is in a formal setting. It may be considered very rude to say "Hello everyone" if, for example, you are addressing the CEOs of top business houses. You do have to keep the context in mind. I think it would be OK to say "Hello everyone" if it was an informal setting, such as a group of colleagues or at a party or even, say, at a fine dining restaurant where there is an informal atmosphere and you are called upon to give an impromptu speech as part of some fun activity.
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    I agree with you that saying "Hello everyone" is not a polite word to address in a formal settings
    I raised this question because, while addressing a gathering, the neutral-gender people (trans-community) may not like the greetings starting with "Ladies and Gentlemen". I felt, it would be better if we don't use gender specific pronouns.
    I understand, in many public announcement by various departments of the Govt stopped using the phrase "Ladies and Gentleman"

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    It is an established way of starting the address to a gathering and there is nothing unusual in it. Still one can interpret why ladies first why not men.

    If you put men first people may say that men always wanted to supress women and wanted to show their superiority hence put it ahead of ladies. This style of addressing has come from western society where in a gathering it is thought as good manners to address like that. In western society there are other manners also which are followed for giving due respect to ladies in the gathering.

    In our society in local trend and local language we often change this by saying gents, ladies and children and it does not sound unusual.

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    In a gathering there are suppose to be elites and general and normal invitees and when one wants to address the session it is better to begin with names of each such elites who attended being present on the stage or as a audience But generally people does not want to make big mentions by name and hence saying Ladies and Gentleman is the gentle way to address a gathering. By saying Hello everyone , it seems to be some what rude and casual. Many many not like saying hello to them. By the way hello word is used during the start of conversation over phone and not while addressing a gathering.
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    The ideal formal addressing of a gathering would be -" My dear Brothers and Sisters" This will include all males, females and children including the transgender. English people lead us to use the phrase ' Ladies and gentlemen' and we are finding it difficult to part with it. Look at the VIPs of our country addressing the gathering as' Bahiyom aur Bahanom' (Brothers and Sisters). In Tamil 'Sagodara Sagodharigale'.

    Let us use Hello everyone or Hello everybody or Hello all etc for informal addressing only.

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    Starting a speech with an address is common everywhere. However slight differences will be there depending on the speaker and audiences. Addressing a general public can start with ladies and gentlemen. My dear brothers and sisters is another alternative. Famous speech by Swami Vivekananda in America is famous for the starting with My dear brothers and sisters of America. When a student address a group of teachers, naturally he might start with ' respected teachers....'
    Like this different approachs are followed depending on the speaker and audiences.

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    The other genders were not accepted as part of the mainstream society and hence 'Ladies and Gentlemen' became the most conventional form of addressing an audience. The scenario today is different, as everyone is fighting for their identity and acceptance. The world has changed and so must the form of address.

    T. M Sankaran has quoted the way Swami Vivekananda addressed an audience in the United States. This form of addressing an audience is a common practice in Catholic Churches and also Churches of other denominations. The congregation is normally addressed as 'brothers and sisters' by the priest. This form of addressing an audience can be adopted, but then it once again brings in the 'gender' debate.

    Addressing the audience as 'people' could be a way to avoid any gender bias. Good evening, people, is quite a decent way of addressing a group of people of mixed gender. I often use the term in my communications.

    It was either Sushmita Sen or Aishwarya Rai who addressed the gathering as 'people' at the beauty pageant they were in.

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    Other forms of address that I feel are appropriate are -
    1. Good evening, my dear distinguished guests
    2. Good evening to you all or good evening everyone
    3. Dear all
    4. Thank you, what a wonderful audience you all have been
    5. I appreciate your participation, thank you everyone present here today
    6. Respected Principal Ma'am, Teachers and my dear parents or students

    There are different ways in which we can address a gathering, without it sounding informal or showing gender bias.

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    In Telugu meetings the best way to start by saying Salutations to the meeting( Sabhaku Namaskaram). Many telugu pandits, poets and writers start their speech by saying the same words. I think it will be a better way of addressing the gathering. It will address with respect all people gathered there irrespective of their gender or position. In English also if we start our address by saying Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening, Everybody ,it will be better I think. Otherwise we can say My respects all learned people gathered here.
    But some people start addressing one by one starting from the president of the meeting to other people on the dias and off the dias. Here the addressing itself will go for more time. Better to address as brief as possible.

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    Isn't "Ladies first!" our motto? In that case, ladies and gentlemen perfectly sits well for a formal greeting.
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