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    Popular literary category in different languages

    Literature in any language will be developing through different works. In general the literature of a particular language will be known through the poems or short stories or novels or through any other works. However there can be changes taking place from time to time. As an example in Malayalam literature poetical forms were more prominent and poets were getting more recognition in earlier period. Later novels came and novelists became popular. This was followed by short story writers. Again the poets came to lime light again. Novels followed with the cinematic versions coming up. Now, of late, short stories are getting more attention in weeklies and magazines.
    Perhaps different situations will be there in other languages.
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    Normally writing of good writers are taken as the basis to produce films and short stories on television as serials. There are good writers and poets in the country and they are doing their service to nation from every state. In Telugu too the poets, the lyric writers, the dialogue writers are many. There are twin brothers combination also in this regard. I wish to mention the names of Parchuri Brothers who are famous for Telugu Film Industry in making content and also dialogue writing. But what I feel that some gullible directors who take cue from the novels and write up of some writers wont give credits to their work in the film and not even has the mentions. That will bring litigation to the film when it is released. It is always better to have cordial relations with the writers and pay them the sum they deserve and then make films without stealing their content for free.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Telugu also earlier days many poets were writing poems and people used understand these poems and encourage them. But slowly people started going for prose poetry(Vachana Padyam) and lot of popularity was there for these writers. Later on it moved to prose, novels and short stories. But these days nobody is going for reading books. Internet surfing, spending more time in social media like whatsapp only.
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    Probably Telugu language has seen great number of outstanding writers in its history which makes this language to be known as the Italian of the East.The various forms of Telugu literature are Prabandham-stories in verse form, Champu-mixture of prose and poetry, Kaavyam-poetry, kavita-poetry, Sathakam- a book of hundred poems, Dasakam-a book of ten poems, Avadhanam, Novel-Prose, Katha-stories in prose, Natakam- Drama, etc. Ramayan, Mahabharata, Mahabhagavatham were translated into Telugu by great scholars who used to work under great kings in early 11th century. Nannaya, Tikkana, Errapragada, Baddena, Srinadha, Vemana, Bammera Potana, Annamacharya, Tallapaka Tirumalamma, Peddana, Dhurjati, Tenali Ramakrishna, Kshetrayya like this the list is unending. Even in the present generations also we have great writers in Telugu literature like Sri Viswanadha Satyannarayana, Lakshmi Narasimham, Chalam, Sri Sri, Arudra, Athreya, C. Narayana Reddy etc. Even those who wrote songs for Telugu films are of great literary scholars of outstanding literary knowledge. Avadhanam is a Telugu literary activity where the scholar creates a poem with grammatical perfection orally in the presence of abled scholoars who orders the situation to which the poem has to be created. There are two Avadhanas are there- Astavadhana where 8 abled scholars involved and Satavadhana where 100 abled Scholars involved. It is rare creative activity which is unique to Telugu literature only.

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