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    Are you watching the "See - Saw" between me and Srinivasa Rao in securing forum super star ?

    Its always good to have a competitor on our life , so that we also tend to pull our socks and keep the competition challenge spirit alive. Previosuly Kailash Kumar was the only member who over took my position in the forum as super star and stayed at the top. Now Dr Srinivasa Rao is giving tough competition to me and even occupying the top position for some time. But in recent days there is see saw game between us and we are occupying the top slot in turn wise when it all depends on our contributions and working here. It gives great pleasure in competing.
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    Frankly writing. The see-saw may be interesting to You and Rao, but it doesn't interest me and others. We may see the super stars but not their swing and their jump. No analysis is required to comment on the see-saw. There are many unnecessary messages and responses that makes the see-saw to swing high and low to feel the joy. This thread is one such good example for the see-saw to swing with an unnecessary message.

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    Yes, it is true, healthy competition is always good. It reinforces in us the will to succeed. It pushes us to give our best. It presents challenges to us.

    I do remember Kailash Kumar taking over the Forum Super Star title from you. And I have observed the seesaw that is currently happening for the same position.

    This might not be an appropriate moment to point something out, but I will go ahead and make mention of what I notice as this oscillating duel unfolds.

    Every thread that gets a response has me guessing who the first responder would be. Would it be you or Srinivasa Rao? Invariably, the first response is from one of you.

    This is just my gentle way of saying that it is quite annoying to see some very inane responses posted just to stay in the lead. There have been reminders from the management for members to curtail posting responses, just for the heck of it (in this case to garner points). So, while I notice the seesaw, I also know the intention behind it.

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    It is really a very healthy trend and everyone wishing to be number one has been watching it curiously. ISC being an academic and educational platform it was bound to be a clean and clear competion as both the learned authors are putting forward their views on various issues and in the process touching the coveted number one place time to time.

    Sharing of knowledge and viewpoints at such a large amount is praiseworthy for both the participants and they are almost a bench mark for many of us in this regard.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would like to see a 'one-eye wink' smiley to make the thread enjoyable in a lighter vein.

    (Frankly, I missed to notice this happening as I do not follow these generally.Thanks for the alert)

    ISC and members would be only happy if some cream comes out of this see-saw churning. But let it no be allowed to the level of stereotype verbose created for sake of posting.

    If I take it serious and go for a philosophical explanation, let us understand that nothing is permanent and 'this also will pass on'. The old has to exit at sometime to allow the new to enter. The knowledgeable does it happily. Others may resent and put themselves only in trouble. Let us understand that the world is so big that every one has his/her place in it . We have to understand where we fit properly.

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