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    Do we forget good things in life but remember the setbacks?

    Life is a continuous struggle and every one is trying his best to get success, money and fame. During this journey sometimes we are successful and other times not.

    We get so many gains, benefits and good things in life but we simply forget them and always complain for what we did not achieve or what we did not get.

    This is really a miserable condition as we are not allowing ourselves to enjoy and celebrate what we have already achieved. It is no use to cry over spilled milk.

    Instead of complaining or self pity we should examine our failures and try again with new zeal and enthusiasm to proceed ahead.

    What is the take of members on this?
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    I think people will rember very happy moments and difficult moments of their life equally. The day we receive our first salary will be remembered by everybody through out his life. In fact I know some people who kept a rupee note as a memory in their house. If we are getting any promotion in our career that also we will remember for lot many days.
    It is always wise to keep good achievements and get motivated with those achievements. Then we will progress better. Instead of worrying about old failures if we analyse the reasons for that failure and correct it further failures willbe avoided. In this aspect I always agree with the other. Reason for failure to be analysed get corrected in stead of worrying about those failure will make us to progress in our life.

    always confident

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    It is a human tendency to take the benefits in normal way as if they have simply received what the deserved. On the other hand we take our failures seriously and feel that some injustice have been done to us or some person more resourceful has snatched the opportunity from us.

    We never introspect and find out the deficiencies within us and to correct them for our next objective or target. This is human and there is nothing unusual about it.

    However there are people who do not complain or weep on their failures and restart with new zeal and hope. Such people are great and definitely on the higher level among the mortals.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If the setbacks end or climax in a good thing, then the setbacks get forgotten and the pleasure lingers. You work hard for an exam feeling a lot of strain and think of even quitting, but when the results come you get high rank. Then you forget all the pains and strains,but enjoy and keep only the good result. Another suitable example is the pain and strain a pregnant woman undergoes. But all these vanish the moment she sees the face of her newborn child. Then throughout her life, she sees the child as her her pleasure only and does not bring back the pain she underwent.

    Our tongue is also made in a way to have the bitter taste linger on. But if we can have sweet after the bitterness and the sweet overrides the bitter taste, then we forget about the bitterness. Our effort should be that if pains are unavoidable, let us make them culminate into pleasures, or at least make efforts to erase the pains.

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