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    Parental care till the lad learn to earn vs Pushing out of the home to earn-which culture is better?

    In Indian culture there is a lot of parental care will be there with regard to their child-either boy or girl? Usually parents keep their child with them and provide all necessary education to their child by taking more care. After completing education also parents till their child is able to get a job and earn, parents only bear their cost of living. If the child gets a job in their own place they keep their child with them till they get married. Because of this children become more dependent on parents for all their needs and don't develop individuality, self confidence in doing various works etc. But on the other hand, in foreign countries children leave their home when they are young and they try to do some work to earn their bread and develop themselves into more confident individuals to face any challenges in their life. By comparing these two modes which one is more better? Give your thoughts folks?
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    Parent has the exclusive duty of nurturing the children up to the stage where they can stand on their own and earn. That means the mother and father has to guide the child till he gets good job in his career. Pushing out of home is the weakness of the parents. That means they could not mend or tame the child from their point of view. Here comes the great action from the children. Once they start earning and see the money, their attitude change and want to assert their voice. That influences every thing including choice of own life partner. If the parents have control over child even at this stage , then they are real winners. By sending out the child from the home and making him to realize to earn on his own, may be good lesson, but children ousted wont come back again.
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    Both cultures have some advantages and shortcomings as well. Although leaving children on their own do make them tough, it is not completely true that they grow up to be more confident individuals. Most of the teenagers get off track and don't achieve much in their life. They end up resenting their parents. The parent child relationship is not that intimate in foreign countries. I feel parents should support their kids till they achieve something in their life and are self dependent financially. Also, supporting does not mean that they should spoon feed them everything. They must be encouraged to do things which are important in future life on their own so that they do have some sense of individuality.
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    It basically depends on the culture and job avenues in a country that this option of pushing him out to earn can be considered. In our country the rates of manual work are too low and the student can not manage his education with that so we do not have choice till he completed his education and gets a job.

    In some developed countries it is possible as part time jobs are quite remunerative and one can manage his education as well as slowly establish a carrier for him. Another thing is in those countries everyone is not rushing for higher education until unless they have an aptitude for the same. So everyone does not require money for higher education there.

    The students in quite early in their life switch to diploma or certificate type of degrees and start doing some skilled work.

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    Our system of parenting is correct even though there are minor issues.
    Parents should take care or their children till they stand on their own and even after that also if the Parents can afford. As per the age of the child the parents should change their method of approach. When the child is in primary classes you should teach him morals by telling good old puranas and stories and see that they will have a fear of God, ethics and morals. When they come to high school also you guide them in the same way and have a watch so that they will not go in the wrong direction. Once they come to higher studies support them and treat them as your friends and respect their thoughts also. Please give a little bit of your thought about the issue and ask him to take the correct decision. At the same time we should keep in mind that we should not give more money than required at any age and see that they will have financial discipline also.
    But throwing them out without proper way to earn and stand may not be the culture of our country and I always feel this is the main reason for not having good family relations in other countries.

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