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    Have you noticed this type of zeal and affection in publishing News Papers and Magzines?

    In the present day modern technology reading News Papers, Magazines and Weekly's becoming outdated. In the past News papers have great circulations and they used to release weekly's, bi-monthly's along with the news papers. People used to buy them to read stories, serial stories, novels and other literary works in local languages. With the advent of Internet and web technologies reading these become out fashioned at present. Circulations of even the most successful publications became dwindled and are running at loss. For example Indian Express & Andhra Prabha (Estd.1938) (Telugu) same publication are one of the top leading publications in the past. To some extent New Indian Express is able to survive but Andhra Prabha lost its glory due to lot of competition. Even then the publishers are publishing less copies and still they are maintaining their continuity in news world. This shows their sheer love and affection to continue their news paper even though other failed news papers have stopped their publication. Similarly another oldest News paper in Telugu namely Andhra Jyothi stopped its publication for some years but revived to publish its news paper and weekly magazine with less number of copies. Do you find publishers with such affection towards journalism in Today's world?
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    The daily newspapers and weekly magazines has retained its charm and glory despite the advent of internet and TV. I like to read newspapers more than the net. I am a regular reader of Tamil newspaper " Thina Thanthi' and The English daily newspaper " The Hindu"a famous daily since my childhood. I feel publishers are not affected by this. It will greatly affect the public if the publishers don't have affection towards journalism.
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    News papers and magazines have their own takers and there is no fear of loosing their customers. Some of the elders are who are not familiar with the internet and computer operations, they wont go for on line reading of news paper. Our elders have the habit of reading the news bit by bit and during their available leisure time. So on internet it is not possible. Moreover elders collect the cuttings of some good mentions and news information in the news papers and magazines and become valuable records for future. So there is no dearth for popularity of news papers and magazines.
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    The author is correct in his statement. Many telugu newspapers which were treated very good papers lost their glory and even stopped the business. Andhra Patrika daily and weekly were stopped.Vaartha daily is also stopped. We are seeing no weeklies etc., in the market. This is mainly due to the advent of internet and web technologies the youth stopped reading stories, serials and novels. Hence many of these magazines are not being published. People are going for online study and it will become more in coming days. So circulations will further comedown. But some of them out of their passion and liking for the profession they are continuing.
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