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    Why don't the Editors correct the more visible mistakes?

    Dear ISC,
    I see many thread titles appearing with incorrect spellings. The author of the thread never bothers to correct the mistakes. Other members cannot edit others threads. In such cases, why not the ISC editors look for such defects in the forum titles and have it corrected? Is it not the duty of ISC editors? Should we leave the thread title as it appears with the incorrect spelling? Does ISC feel proud of having a thread title with spelling mistakes?

    Editing doesn't mean only deletion and locking of threads. Editors should do it themselves or ask the author to do it. I think it is easy for the editor to do it without waiting for the author to do it.

    Let the editors ensure that the forum thread index has no titles with spelling mistakes.
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    Yes, I agree. Note that we make the effort to tune the thread (and not just the title) when we do see errors. In the case of new members' threads, though, we generally just let it be & may only correct the title if required, and, instead, send a message, requesting them to improve English skills and check spelling and grammar errors.
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    It is not happening. There is a thread of 12 July still lying without being noticed and corrected. I think it is invisible to the editor like a hair.

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    This is the issue which must be addressed as sought by the author. If the thread headlines itself looks odd with spelling mistakes and error which is again listed and indexed by Google, the site gets bad name.
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    The authors should be a little careful while posting. Nowadays all of us have spellcheck in our computer. That will correct majority of the spellings. But we should read the thread before posting and after posting to see whether any word is there with wrong spelling. Any way as mentioned by Master Sun editors can also try to edit it.
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    Dr.NV Srinivasa Rao,
    Good to see your good response. Kindly edit and correct the mistake( in my name) you committed in your response.

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