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Love the monsoon season? Then you'll love this Quiz for sure! Send your entry by 10a.m., 17th July 2017 and bag one of the top prizes.
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    The Magic & Mania of the Monsoon season - A Fun Quiz!

    The monsoon season can have both its magical moments and manic ones. So let's see its varied aspects through a Fun Quiz. Everyone, including editors, can participate. All you have to do is send the text as it is given below, replacing the blanks with your answers (please keep the numerical digits intact). Do not send the text as an attachment. Send it in the body of the mail itself.

    Important note: The answers should match my list of words. All answers will be checked by non-participating editors as well. Participants have to abide by the final decision.

    Instructions: Only one entry per member will be allowed. So if, for example, you send me a blank email or one which does not have the entire text & then send me a second mail as an entry, the second mail will be invalid. After you send your entry, please post a response in this thread that you have done so. This will enable crediting of points & cc for correct answers in this thread itself. In case you forget to submit a response here, you will not get those points & cc, but if your entry is within the valid time, it will still be considered for the main prizes.

    Send your entry to:

    - Note that this is a new Gmail ID created specifically for contests. Do not send your entry to the gmail I have been giving in previous contests. Also, kindly do not use this email to send me spam or ISC-related queries or for any general communication.

    Closing time: 10a.m. (IST), 17th July 2017

    1. First prize: Rs.150/- each to the very first two members who get all answers correct. If nobody gets them all right, then whosoever gets 24 correct will be given the prize of Rs.150/- (only one prize winner then)
    2. Second prize: Rs. 100/- each to the next two who submit the most correct answers (two prizes)
    3. Third prize: Rs. 75/- for the next one submitting the most correct answers (one prize)

    All participants, including winners, will get points and cc based on the correct answers.

    Fill in the blanks Quiz

    As an adult you are likely to go around a _______ (6), but as a child, you will have definitely jumped into at least one, that too with a big _____ (6)! Once you step into it, you will have muddied your clothes, unless of course you wore a _______ (8) to cover them up from top to toe. What's more, it is a useful gear to wear when there is a _________ (7) [hint: it means heavy rainfall] as merely holding an ________ (8) is utterly useless.

    When the heat gets to you in the __________ (6) season you long for rain, but when it does arrive in full force, you pray for a bit of golden _______ (8). You do get scared, especially, of the _____ (9) and ________ (7), what one would call a heavenly light and sound show, but are thrilled when a __________ (7) arches across the sky.

    It is fun to eat some hot golden ______ (4) of ______ (4) with a little bit of spicy masala and a dash of lime smeared on them. Then there are a variety of piping hot, deep fried _______ (8) [hint: English word] enjoyed especially during the monsoon. Yummy!

    While the season has its own charm in some ways, in other ways it can be an utter nuisance. Poor drainage systems can cause heavy ______ _______ (5, 7). It is definitely no fun to be caught in _______ _______ (7, 4) due to _______ _______(9, 5), not to mention the public transport system also being thrown out of gear. At the end of the day, you just long to be back in the comfort of your home, sipping a hot cup of ___ (3) or _______ (6), perhaps.

    One really wishes for at least an accurate ______ (7) forecasting system to get the forecast right, on which even the __________ (9) can rely to know whether or not to venture out into the sea to cast their nets. With no proper awareness, one's plans go haywire and one has to resort to singing the ______ _______ (7, 5) "Rain, rain, go away!"

    In this announcement thread please do not post any responses giving feedback, not even stating which were the easy words & which ones were difficult. You can do so after closing time of the quiz in this thread which will be opened tomorrow.
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