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    Why many of us use costly creams rather than using natural remedies?

    All of us know that natural items like papaya, cucumber, neem leaves, turmeric powder etc are easily available items and have natural properties for cleaning the skin pores or specially for upkeeping of facial skin, still many of us do not attempt application of these natural products and rather go for costly artificial creams and oils available plenty in market.

    This is a surprising tendency as use of natural products is better for health point of view also. The artificial creams may contain some chemicals which may be harmful for our body. For example shampoos contain some chemicals which are not good for our health though due to Govt regulations they are supposed to keep their quantity below the stipulated limits.

    What is your opinion on that?
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    Well I do not want to comment on others using costly creams and lotions for keeping their face and health glow and lasting even without wrinkle free. But as far as our family is concerned, they are used to the house hold remedies which are easily available at any given time and applied to the face which gives the best result without any side effect. Most of the elders in our family use the Channa Dall powder or besan as the soap content to clean the body and they wont use the soap at all. The result is that they look glowingly well with no marks on their face or any kind of skin related diseases.
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    That is true. Many are going for very costly synthetic solutions for upkeep of beauty. This has become a habit for many to apply various creams and powders to the face and body.
    But as expressed by the author we have many natural resources which are better for beauty upkeep with a reasonable expenditure and without any side effect. Turmeric is a very good example for facial and body applications. Similarly there are many other natural resources which are better for this.
    Now many of the products from Patanjali group are with natural products only. Slowly people started understanding this and going to those products from Patanjali house.

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