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    Why success touches for some in early stage and for many in the late age of their lives ?

    Getting success in life can be possible with total dedication towards the goal and of course with the total cooperation of mind, health and above all the people around you. For example Barrak Obama retired from the politics at the age of 55 itself. But Donald Trump has become President of US at the age of 70. Bill Gates has become most wealthiest person in the world at the age of 30 itself. But Inditex Spain company owner Ortega has started the business at 50 years and become wealthiest in his 80th year. William Shakespeare has done 37 plays only after he attained 50 years of age. So if one achieve the success even belatedly we must respect them for the courage and perseverance.
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    In addition to our hard work, shrewd planning and 100% attempt, our destiny is aldo important. But no one should sit without doing anything and thinking about destiny. Always a human being should strive for a peaceful and happy life. Accumulating money only is not an indication of success. Success depends on your aspirations . A student getting 80% in his exam may not feel that he is successful if he expected 90% marks. At the same time a person may be happy
    and feel that he is successful with60% of marks if it is meeting his expectations.
    Every one should respect others irrespective of their success or failure. We can congratulate everybody at all ages for their success in all fronts of their life.

    always confident

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