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    When will ISC decide to approve or delete the forum posts lying in pending section?

    Dear ISC,
    There are many forum messages lying in pending section. A month old message (14 June 2017)also seen there. When will ISC have a look at it to decide whether it should be approved or deleted. Should it take 30 days to deal with a message? I am worried about the release of my message relating to Ten Commandments given by God to Mr. Moses. Are the editors working on it? Who is responsible to decide the fate of the messages sent to pending section? Is it the Web Master or Managing editor or any other editor? Who...who..who...?
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    What I understand that when our posts are shifted to pending section, by that time Google had already indexed our threads and hoisted prominently. In that case there are every chance of the site getting revenue once indexed. For that reason they are being kept hold at least for some days.
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    An irrelevant and silly response from the member. A well justified response is awaited from the concerned Web Master or Managing Editor or Lead Editor. I am sure, ISC is sleeping/resting over the pending messages. Should wake up to see the pending section.

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    The thread on the Ten Commandments has been rejected because it may create potential issues. The other threads will be checked out in due course of time.
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    Good to see the rejection of the God's Ten Commandments which you felt would create potential issues. It is really funny and serious to reject the God's words to know/discuss.

    I would request you to approve it and wait to see whether it creates issues or not. If created, lock or delete the thread. Kindly obey God's Command. Don't reject it. Rejecting such things amounts to disrespect to God's command.

    The thread will help to know what are the Ten Commandments. It would be a lesson to the people who are not aware of God's Ten Commandments. I think, God's commandments doesn't spell any God or religion in particular.

    Also, I would like to know why a message of 30 days old is not cared by ISC? Anything to explain? Is ISC really not sleeping?

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    You are not God. Neither can you decide what is or is not God's command and no need to imply that I disrespect God or any faith. Your response above itself strongly proves that it was right to delete that thread. It will only create trouble.

    If you seriously want knowledge about the Ten Commandments, then just use the search box and you will find some Ask Expert threads on it.

    As for sleeping, yes, we like our naps. It keeps us healthy and fit to tackle more priority issues.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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